Friday, August 29, 2014

August 26, 2014

Thank you everyone for all the emails! Please forgive me for the terrible grammar and spelling I am about to have but when they only give us an hour to write it is not nearly enough time to say everything I want to say! After we wrote last week we got to go to the santiago temple which was realllly cool! It is a very small temple but we fit at least 50 missionaries in one session. Since most of us spoke english it was in english and the spanish speakers wore headsets. We get to go to the temple every other week so maybe next weeek I will try listening to it in spanish!
Everything is absolutely incredible here, in fact I don't even dislike the CCM, or the MTC in english, its hard but I enjoy it and the people around me! It is crazy to think that tomorrow new kids will be showing up. That was me two weeks ago. Those two weeks went by incredibly fast, these next four will only go faster!

A couple kids have gotten sick in our district but nothing terrible, I had a sore throat and a runny nose for two or three days but that was all. Elder Wortley got pink eye and lost his voice but that was the worst anybody was. Other than that I am in perfect condition!
One of my favorite parts of the day is running in the morning, its soo fun!! We can run in any direction and as far as we want, we have to be back within 40 minutes but usually we dont run for that long. My comp Elder Nelson and I go really far and so far have gone in every direction! Thats one thing I really like about him is that he likes running and is okay with going somewhere new everyday which is good cause I could not run the same way everytime that we be too boring. We ran to the tallest tower in Santiago which isnt too far but it is one of our farther runs! The tower was HUGE and there is a massive mall right at the base of it that has like 6 stories its crazy.
The food is actually really good! At least I have thought so. The bread is super yummy, i don't know how they make it but they don't cook it until it is hard so it is still really soft. Our meals consist of rice, or pasta, or patatoes, then some sort of variety of meat or meat and sauce or meat and vegetables or all of those at the same time. They really take care of us and I have eaten sooo much! The thing about the food here is that it doesn't have a burst of flavor everything is just kinda toned down. The desserts aren't all that good. They are usually some sort of weird pudding. My favorite thing though is Manjar, go get some of that stuff from maceys in the mexican section, its like a dulce de leche spread kind of thing! At least in Argentina they call it dulce de leche but here its called Manjar and they sell it in the states. One other thing is that the Chileans like to eat cereal with yogurt whether it is fruity or vanilla and its actuallly pretty good cause yogurt is basically liquid here.
It snowed in the mountians this week and it made them look absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get out of the city to see them! I took some pictures from the roof of the CCM and I will send them. And don't worry there is an elevator to the roof with a room up there and a couch so it wasn't illegal or anything for us all to be up there! Haha
We have some awesome teachers that have helped so much the last couple of weeks. We have Hermana Ceballos, Hermano Leiva, and Hermano Cifuentes. Hermana means sister and Hermano means brother. How you would pronounce Ceballos is like this: Say-bye-os. Cause its a spanish name!
We got to experience our first earth quake this week which was crazy weird but very cool to feel. It started off by sounding like there were tons of people running on the floor above us then there was this rumble and then we all started moving up and down then sideways and up again then we slowly started to stop moving! It was weird and nothing happened but now I can say i was in an earthquake!

Until next week love,
Elder Gunnell

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