Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zapadores and a Baptism‏

So my mother dearest and a few other people asked that I describe a little bit about where I am at! And since I don´t really do it all that often I decided that this time would be a good idea.

My new area is in a fairly poor part of Santiago but it´s not terrible. We are a little bit out of the way and they aren´t much buildings. Yes, there are some sketchy parts where we are at but nothing has happened to us so there is nothing to worry about! The thing that is most rampant here though are the drugs. It is so sad to see. There are quite a few people who get addicted to drugs that it becomes more than just something fun to do or something to do with friends while they are all hanging out and what not. It literally eats away their conscience and over powers them. They become slaves to the drug. I see people but it´s almost as if they were just shells. Their eyes are just blank... They don´t think or act they just do. And the worst part is they can never get enough of the drug. They always need more. It is just so sad to see so many people like that. I mean I´m not saying that out of 10 people 9 are like that because it isn´t like that at all! But I have never seen such a high quantity in my life. It´s very sad and we try to talk to tell them we can help but the majority of the people here know the missionaries and they just kind of avoid us. 

That was the negative part! We also have some incredibly and truly wonderful people in our ward that are always so willing to help and do anything that we need. I do love the ward! It is small and a little unorganized but I can´t complain. We are finding new people to teach and that is great. I think the hardest part here is to find new people because so many people have ideas about who we are or what we do and they just shut us down right from the start but there are other people that give us one chance and learn that we aren´t like they thought and then end up loving us and inviting us to eat and start going to church and everything and that is fantastic because then they tell all their friends and hopefully introduce us and it just works out great! But that is the hardest part so far.

We had a beautiful baptism this last Sunday! There were quite a few road blocks but Rosa really wanted to get baptized and was able to accomplish that goal this last week! It was a very good experience for all who were there and quite a few members stayed after to help. She is such a sweet person and will be a light to her family and hopefully bring them back to Heavenly Father. She has a very long and hard story but is loved and cared for by a few sisters in the ward.

We are already ending February so make it a good week!

Elder Gunnell

 Nobody is going to be getting in to our apartment with this gate and all the spikes on the walls.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Keeping it short.

So I really loved the lesson last Sunday from Howard W. Hunter. I loved the example that was given about rowing a boat. And how the same resistence that pushes them away from their goal is the same resistence that is used to propel the boat forward with their paddles. Or in other words, resistence is needed to move forward. That´s just how it is in our lives! We can´t progress without having trials or problems or difficulties! They are all necessary so that we can move forward! That´s why we have hard times. I know that Heavenly Father doesn´t ever give us something that is too hard for us. We can always count on him to help us.

To tell you a little bit about our ward.... Haha.... Saturday night the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric called us and said that three of the four missionaries were going to have to speak in church the next day. Then at church we blessed and passed the sacrament, my comp taught the Gospel Principles class and while we were in that class they came and told us that the teacher for Priesthood wasn´t there and asked me to teach. So that was how fun our Sunday was:) I will have all sorts of opportunities to teach and participate in this ward! Haha

That´s all for this week! Have a marvelous week!!

Out preaching el evangelio,
Elder Gunnell

A pic of all the zone leaders and sister leaders at our monthly meeting with Pres!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Sector, Companion, and Assignment!‏

First Happy anniversary to my dearest most fabulous parents!!!!! 

So I got transferred! Once again I returned to a zone/stake where I have already served, Zapadores. But I am in a different ward! I am in Recoleta Oriente with Elder Souza (from Brazil) and we are the now the Zone Leaders here! President called last Thursday saying that I would be transferred and that I would be a new zone leader so that was a pretty exciting phone call! I am really excited about it and I am sure that it is going to be a blast! I have a whole ton of things to learn and I`m sure it`s going to be adventure.

This is Elder Souza`s last transfer so he is peacing out in six weeks. I am thinking/hoping that I stay here until the rest of my mission. Haha I don`t want to pack up all my junk again before going home! Elder Souza is awesome. He is hilarious and I know we are going to be able to do good things here. He is a very good missionary and wants to work! It will be wonderful!! Next week I will have some more excited things to say since I just got here yesterday morning.

It was honestly soo hard to say goodbye to Simón Bolívar. I loved that ward and those people so much. They will forever have a place in my heart. But now it is time to move on and get to know more poeple so I´ll be alright:)

I would like to share a funny experience I had the other day. We went to the African family`s house (they went to church by the way and absolutely loved it!!) and they had moved their tv to paint a room. I see the tv and I notice there is a problem. I had thought they had broken it! So I told them something like hey I think your tv is broke. They look at me all funny like what are you talking about? And I was like well look at it! It is all curved!! That is not normal! It´s broke. I am really sorry but it´s broke... They are still looking at me all funny like umm.. no it´s not. We bought it like that. I ask, you bought it like that? You bought a broken tv? Why? They all laugh and tell me that there are televisions that are CURVED!!!!!!!!! What?! Since when has that existed?! A curved tv??? If that existed before my mission I had no idea. What`s it like to live in a world of technology? I wonder what other kinds of things have come out and I am just terribly out of the loop. haha

Peace and blesssing,
Elder Gluegun (a nickname I was once given)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

This kid has transfers...

Round 2 with the oatmeal cookies. So dang tasty!
 Saying a very difficult goodbye... I love this family. Thomas, Luisa, Fran, and Mane

 Saying chao to the good `ol ward Simon Bolivar.

A quick invitation!‏

I don´t know if any of you have seen the Mormon Message that´s named Reflections. If you haven´t my invitation is that set aside four minutes of your day, click on the link below, watch the video and really focus, then ask yourself what your learned and how you can apply it in your life, then DO IT.

Love always,
Elder Gunnell :)