Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Sector, Companion, and Assignment!‏

First Happy anniversary to my dearest most fabulous parents!!!!! 

So I got transferred! Once again I returned to a zone/stake where I have already served, Zapadores. But I am in a different ward! I am in Recoleta Oriente with Elder Souza (from Brazil) and we are the now the Zone Leaders here! President called last Thursday saying that I would be transferred and that I would be a new zone leader so that was a pretty exciting phone call! I am really excited about it and I am sure that it is going to be a blast! I have a whole ton of things to learn and I`m sure it`s going to be adventure.

This is Elder Souza`s last transfer so he is peacing out in six weeks. I am thinking/hoping that I stay here until the rest of my mission. Haha I don`t want to pack up all my junk again before going home! Elder Souza is awesome. He is hilarious and I know we are going to be able to do good things here. He is a very good missionary and wants to work! It will be wonderful!! Next week I will have some more excited things to say since I just got here yesterday morning.

It was honestly soo hard to say goodbye to Simón Bolívar. I loved that ward and those people so much. They will forever have a place in my heart. But now it is time to move on and get to know more poeple so I´ll be alright:)

I would like to share a funny experience I had the other day. We went to the African family`s house (they went to church by the way and absolutely loved it!!) and they had moved their tv to paint a room. I see the tv and I notice there is a problem. I had thought they had broken it! So I told them something like hey I think your tv is broke. They look at me all funny like what are you talking about? And I was like well look at it! It is all curved!! That is not normal! It´s broke. I am really sorry but it´s broke... They are still looking at me all funny like umm.. no it´s not. We bought it like that. I ask, you bought it like that? You bought a broken tv? Why? They all laugh and tell me that there are televisions that are CURVED!!!!!!!!! What?! Since when has that existed?! A curved tv??? If that existed before my mission I had no idea. What`s it like to live in a world of technology? I wonder what other kinds of things have come out and I am just terribly out of the loop. haha

Peace and blesssing,
Elder Gluegun (a nickname I was once given)

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