Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Miracle and One Bummer‏

Like I was talking about in my last letter we were in the process to help two of our converts get to the temple, one of them being Rosa. Well after quite a lot of preparation and organizing we were able to print out four names of hers (her four children that have passed away) and she was able to take them to the temple!! She was baptized for her daughter and the Bishop was baptized for her three sons!! That was a huge miracle especially because I didn`t know how things were going to go with her when she first got baptized. Now things are going great. She is understanding more and more, is participating, and went to the temple for the first time! I am pretty happy about her progress.

The bummer part of the week was that we met up with one of our Haitian investigators, Wesly, and he told us that he was finally ready to be baptized and wanted it to happen this Sunday! That got us all excited but then on Saturday he said that it wasn`t going to be possible for a couple of reasons. We talked to him for awhile over the phone. Like 40 minutes because he wasn`t home and in the end decided that it wouldn`t be able to happen this week. He said it would be best if it was next week. We hope that this isn`t a reoccurrying thing. We have an appointment with him tomorrow so we will see what he has to say!

Last week was our ward conference week! It went decent! We had been assigned to do a ward activity on Friday night. We sat down with our ward mission leader once to be able to plan it all out like a month ago and then ever since then we never really talked about it and when we asked about it and asked what we needed to do to help plan it out he said don`t worry and that everything was ready! It started at 8 on Friday. Nobody showed up. At around 8:20 a couple people showed up.... Then a few more and a few more. That`s how it went until 9 when we finally started. In the end it was really fun and turned out decent. It obviously could have gone better but hey there were plenty of positive things that happened!

I made the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip bread ever yesterday for a family home evening. Mom, thank you so much for that recipe. That is the best thing in the world. I forgot how delicious it was.

All in all it was a good week! I feel like I am always missing something but I`ll just end it here!

Elder Gunnell

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


That´s how many more weeks left. According to my comp because I, obviously, am 100% focused and not counting the hours.. I mean days!...

This last Friday we had a wonderful visit from the Area President of South America South presidency, Walter F. Gonzales. You could say it was pretty neat! He is a real live wizard with the scriptures and basically a genious because he would quote a scripture in spanish (from memory) then in english (from memory) and sometimes even in Portugese. He talked a lot about how to be a good missionary and great things like that and then also blessed us with some things that can really bless our lives and the lives of others. He shared how we need to lead lives like Christ. He taught that to be able to do that we need to learn about his life, study it then ¨copy¨ and ¨paste¨ it into our lives. He also explained that sometimes there are glitches or viruses that cause the ¨paste¨ part to be changed or pasted a little off and that is why it is necessary to constantly be learning and studying the life of Christ and to ¨copy¨ and ¨paste¨ constantly. Not just doing it once and believing that we are good for life.

He talked a lot about faith and how necessary it really is in everything we do! And when we set goals we need to look through the ¨eye of faith¨ he talked a lot that and read a bunch of scriptures about it but I don´t have them with me. They were great though!

What I really am excited about for this week though is that two of our converts are getting ready to go to the temple this Thursday to do baptisms!!!!!! One; Melsince, will be doing baptisms of names that are already in the temple but the other, Rosa, will be getting baptized for her daughter who passed away in 1995 and is going to be bringing the names of her three sons with her! I am soo excited!! It will fantastic for them both!!

That´s it for this week! Thanks for the emails! Have a splendid week!

Elder Gunnell

We climbed up that same hill that we climbed a couple of weeks ago but we took some other friends of ours and we left at 5:30 in the morning to be able to see the sunrise!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So I just want everyone to laugh at me for a minute because... Out of the 3 treats I made, two of them flopped on me. So that´s no big deal. I made a chocolate zucchini bread which turned out incredibly good. Delicious. Then I tried to make my mother´s famous eclairs and I guess I took them out too early so that was a bummer and they just were flat. Then I found out last night that an Elder who got to our mission a week ago had his birthday last week and since we were going to meet up with our zone today I quickly decided to make him a cake for today. I tried to make a chocolate angel food cake and when I took it out and turned it upside down half of it fell out so I flipped it back over causing it to fall in on itself. Out of spite and a little frustration I threw it back in the oven and put the flame on full blast so it would finish cooking. It never finished so I just left it there and went to bed. Pretty lame haha but oh well!! It´s the thought that counts! In the end I made a little truffle thing with the cake, pudding and cream. Turned out really sugary but not too bad.

I would like to share a quick little thing that I read recently! It´s found in Helman 7

Nephi wishes he could live in the days of the first Nephi when all the people kept the commandments (see verse 7) but in verse 9 he says,¨But behold, I am consigned that these are my days...¨ I like it a lot in spanish because it says ¨commisioned¨ instead of ¨consigned¨ but I know that all of us were commissioned or consigned to be here at this time and that there are things God wants and expects us to do! We just need to ask for his help to know the things he wants from us.

Sorry it´s so short today!

Elder Gunnell
Rootbeer floats

Mother's Day Week

Happy belated Mother´s day to my sweetest momma gunnell! Also Happy Birthday to my little Sister AVERY!!!!!! Everyone wish her a happy birthday and make it wonderful for her!!

So this little will be a cute, short one.

Last week was a little rough for me and great for my comp! I don´t know what is was maybe the spirit or maybe just good luck but man did he have some awesome contacts! He found some incredible people with whom we set up appointments with and some we already started teaching. I, on the other hand, did not have that luck or spirit haha or God wanted me to learn some sort of lesson because about 95% of contacts that I did rejected me with a whole bunch of swear words (like a whooooole bunch) and a slammed door. Goodnight was it rough. It was funny, but rough. My comp got a good laugh out of it and I so did I later on. It was a fun week in the end but haha wow I was doing something wrong I guess! Oh well this next week will be great:)

We had an incredible lesson with a guy named Pablo. He is a friend of the less active family that we are helping to reactivate. He watches their house while they are working and does little jobs here and there in the house. He is a very sincere guy who is just kind of lost in the world right now. The Gospel is helping him find direction. He is a smart guy who just needs someone to help him find the right path! We are in that process!

God exists. I know it because he pulled a prank on us yesterday. I think He thought it would be funny if our water pipe broke and turned into a geyser. So with His help, a little soccer ball, and two missionaries it happened. We broke our water pipe (the pipe that gives water to our whole house). You might ask yourself, ¨Why did you not just shut off the water to the house?¨ Well it was because we managed to break the pipe before that little knob that shuts off the water so we were stuck with a geyser for awhile. We took turns trying to put enough pressure on it so that it would slow down or stop with our hands, feet, towels, putty, boards and others. All the while just soaking ourselves. We eventually slowed it down to a stop with a towel and my comps foot. Someone was supposed to come this morning and fix it, we went to the temple bright and early so I´m not actually sure if it is fixed or not yet. We´ll see.

Keep your heads up! Be happy! Good things are on their way.

Elder Gunnell

A preeetty sunset (not as good as CV) and awesome path that we started laying (should have seen it before... it was nasty).

Monday, May 9, 2016

A productive week!‏

So if I remember correctly last week I talked about a less active that came to church and then was given an assignment to teach right? Well I have more good news to bring! We went and did service with him like usual on Saturday and he said that he would be coming to church the next day which we were happy about! Then on Sunday when we saw him walk in we were pleasantly surprised that he had brought his wife!! She left right before relief society but came back later so that they could pay their tithing. It was great to see them doing things on their own accord. They will be blessed. I am excited to see their progress! 

Last night we had a very successful family home evening! We do one every Monday with different families but always inviting all the investigators we can. We talked about charity and watched a mormon message. I also made some delicious zuchini bread! Haha 

This upcoming Monday we have transfers! I doubt that we have any transfers. At least I hope not but we will see what happens!

My message is pretty short this time around but I would like to share a little something that was shared with me not too long ago!

Honor Him with Our Thoughts

“As the plant springs from, and could not be without, the seed, so every act of man springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and could not have appeared without them” (James Allen, As a Man Thinketh).

The way we think affects the way we live. Learning to be positive, optimistic, and discerning in the way we think affects every aspect of our lives. It also has great potential to lift those around us. More importantly, choosing to think of and pray to our Heavenly Father and His Son often allows Them to influence and teach us how to live in a way that is both pleasing to Them and edifying for us. The Savior’s counsel to “pray always” and “look unto me in every thought” teaches us where to find the help we need to live a life that honors God.

Honor Him with Our Hearts

Once our minds are open and we’re in the habit of thinking of our Heavenly Father, it’s easier to notice how He’s working in our lives. When we begin to see how He’s inspiring our thoughts and blessing us, feeling His love naturally follows. Feeling His love is what gives us the desire to please Him, honor Him, and do His will.

Humility and gratitude have a way of opening us up—our minds, our eyes, and our hearts. They can also help us see just how close our Heavenly Father always is to us.

Honor Him with Our Deeds

When God is consistently in your thoughts and in your heart, there’s nothing you can’t do. Life takes on greater meaning when you begin to live your life for Him. When you hear His promptings in your mind and feel His love in your heart, you can become an instrument in His hands (see Mosiah 23:10).

There’s a scripture in the Book of Mormon that says, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17). When we can hear and feel God, He will lead us to individuals who need us and can benefit from our unique talents and gifts. Wehonor Him when we’re willing to serve those around us.

Leave a Legacy of Honoring God

Your life can be a powerful offering to God when you fill it with selflessness, humility, and gratitude. But it can be even more than that. Your life can be a powerful legacy that you leave for your own posterity and future generations. When you’re close to God and you spend your life loving and serving Him, you can’t help but leave a legacy of honor in your wake.

Over and out,
Elder Gunnell

 A little adventure 
 some cute little ninas

 pigs in a blanket 
 breakfast to end a comp exchange