Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So I just want everyone to laugh at me for a minute because... Out of the 3 treats I made, two of them flopped on me. So that´s no big deal. I made a chocolate zucchini bread which turned out incredibly good. Delicious. Then I tried to make my mother´s famous eclairs and I guess I took them out too early so that was a bummer and they just were flat. Then I found out last night that an Elder who got to our mission a week ago had his birthday last week and since we were going to meet up with our zone today I quickly decided to make him a cake for today. I tried to make a chocolate angel food cake and when I took it out and turned it upside down half of it fell out so I flipped it back over causing it to fall in on itself. Out of spite and a little frustration I threw it back in the oven and put the flame on full blast so it would finish cooking. It never finished so I just left it there and went to bed. Pretty lame haha but oh well!! It´s the thought that counts! In the end I made a little truffle thing with the cake, pudding and cream. Turned out really sugary but not too bad.

I would like to share a quick little thing that I read recently! It´s found in Helman 7

Nephi wishes he could live in the days of the first Nephi when all the people kept the commandments (see verse 7) but in verse 9 he says,¨But behold, I am consigned that these are my days...¨ I like it a lot in spanish because it says ¨commisioned¨ instead of ¨consigned¨ but I know that all of us were commissioned or consigned to be here at this time and that there are things God wants and expects us to do! We just need to ask for his help to know the things he wants from us.

Sorry it´s so short today!

Elder Gunnell
Rootbeer floats

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