Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Miracle and One Bummer‏

Like I was talking about in my last letter we were in the process to help two of our converts get to the temple, one of them being Rosa. Well after quite a lot of preparation and organizing we were able to print out four names of hers (her four children that have passed away) and she was able to take them to the temple!! She was baptized for her daughter and the Bishop was baptized for her three sons!! That was a huge miracle especially because I didn`t know how things were going to go with her when she first got baptized. Now things are going great. She is understanding more and more, is participating, and went to the temple for the first time! I am pretty happy about her progress.

The bummer part of the week was that we met up with one of our Haitian investigators, Wesly, and he told us that he was finally ready to be baptized and wanted it to happen this Sunday! That got us all excited but then on Saturday he said that it wasn`t going to be possible for a couple of reasons. We talked to him for awhile over the phone. Like 40 minutes because he wasn`t home and in the end decided that it wouldn`t be able to happen this week. He said it would be best if it was next week. We hope that this isn`t a reoccurrying thing. We have an appointment with him tomorrow so we will see what he has to say!

Last week was our ward conference week! It went decent! We had been assigned to do a ward activity on Friday night. We sat down with our ward mission leader once to be able to plan it all out like a month ago and then ever since then we never really talked about it and when we asked about it and asked what we needed to do to help plan it out he said don`t worry and that everything was ready! It started at 8 on Friday. Nobody showed up. At around 8:20 a couple people showed up.... Then a few more and a few more. That`s how it went until 9 when we finally started. In the end it was really fun and turned out decent. It obviously could have gone better but hey there were plenty of positive things that happened!

I made the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip bread ever yesterday for a family home evening. Mom, thank you so much for that recipe. That is the best thing in the world. I forgot how delicious it was.

All in all it was a good week! I feel like I am always missing something but I`ll just end it here!

Elder Gunnell

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