Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day Week

Happy belated Mother´s day to my sweetest momma gunnell! Also Happy Birthday to my little Sister AVERY!!!!!! Everyone wish her a happy birthday and make it wonderful for her!!

So this little will be a cute, short one.

Last week was a little rough for me and great for my comp! I don´t know what is was maybe the spirit or maybe just good luck but man did he have some awesome contacts! He found some incredible people with whom we set up appointments with and some we already started teaching. I, on the other hand, did not have that luck or spirit haha or God wanted me to learn some sort of lesson because about 95% of contacts that I did rejected me with a whole bunch of swear words (like a whooooole bunch) and a slammed door. Goodnight was it rough. It was funny, but rough. My comp got a good laugh out of it and I so did I later on. It was a fun week in the end but haha wow I was doing something wrong I guess! Oh well this next week will be great:)

We had an incredible lesson with a guy named Pablo. He is a friend of the less active family that we are helping to reactivate. He watches their house while they are working and does little jobs here and there in the house. He is a very sincere guy who is just kind of lost in the world right now. The Gospel is helping him find direction. He is a smart guy who just needs someone to help him find the right path! We are in that process!

God exists. I know it because he pulled a prank on us yesterday. I think He thought it would be funny if our water pipe broke and turned into a geyser. So with His help, a little soccer ball, and two missionaries it happened. We broke our water pipe (the pipe that gives water to our whole house). You might ask yourself, ¨Why did you not just shut off the water to the house?¨ Well it was because we managed to break the pipe before that little knob that shuts off the water so we were stuck with a geyser for awhile. We took turns trying to put enough pressure on it so that it would slow down or stop with our hands, feet, towels, putty, boards and others. All the while just soaking ourselves. We eventually slowed it down to a stop with a towel and my comps foot. Someone was supposed to come this morning and fix it, we went to the temple bright and early so I´m not actually sure if it is fixed or not yet. We´ll see.

Keep your heads up! Be happy! Good things are on their way.

Elder Gunnell

A preeetty sunset (not as good as CV) and awesome path that we started laying (should have seen it before... it was nasty).

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