Tuesday, May 24, 2016


That´s how many more weeks left. According to my comp because I, obviously, am 100% focused and not counting the hours.. I mean days!...

This last Friday we had a wonderful visit from the Area President of South America South presidency, Walter F. Gonzales. You could say it was pretty neat! He is a real live wizard with the scriptures and basically a genious because he would quote a scripture in spanish (from memory) then in english (from memory) and sometimes even in Portugese. He talked a lot about how to be a good missionary and great things like that and then also blessed us with some things that can really bless our lives and the lives of others. He shared how we need to lead lives like Christ. He taught that to be able to do that we need to learn about his life, study it then ¨copy¨ and ¨paste¨ it into our lives. He also explained that sometimes there are glitches or viruses that cause the ¨paste¨ part to be changed or pasted a little off and that is why it is necessary to constantly be learning and studying the life of Christ and to ¨copy¨ and ¨paste¨ constantly. Not just doing it once and believing that we are good for life.

He talked a lot about faith and how necessary it really is in everything we do! And when we set goals we need to look through the ¨eye of faith¨ he talked a lot that and read a bunch of scriptures about it but I don´t have them with me. They were great though!

What I really am excited about for this week though is that two of our converts are getting ready to go to the temple this Thursday to do baptisms!!!!!! One; Melsince, will be doing baptisms of names that are already in the temple but the other, Rosa, will be getting baptized for her daughter who passed away in 1995 and is going to be bringing the names of her three sons with her! I am soo excited!! It will fantastic for them both!!

That´s it for this week! Thanks for the emails! Have a splendid week!

Elder Gunnell

We climbed up that same hill that we climbed a couple of weeks ago but we took some other friends of ours and we left at 5:30 in the morning to be able to see the sunrise!

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