Wednesday, June 15, 2016

te batize yè Wesly (that´s Creole)‏

Wesly was baptized yesterday!! Was that a miracle or what? It was a difficult goal to reach but it was absolutely wonderful when it happened. I love this guy. He´s great. So darn sincere and genuine. Like I mentioned before he was going to get baptized last week but didn´t because he was so worried about helping a few friends and finding a job. He told us that this week was the week for sure. We kept in contact with him throughout the week and we always taught him in the house of a member, Cristian, who lives nearby and that was a massive help and I´ll explain why here in a minute. Everything started going really well and it was basically a fairytale ending because nothing went wrong! Other than the fact that he forgot a towell, we were able to get ahold of a member who brought him one so all went well! Haha

The best part of the baptism was afterwards when he stood up to say a couple things about how he felt and his experience with the Church this far. What he said was sweeeet! He explained his story a little bit and basically testified to his two friends that were there that they should make the same decision of being baptized because it is the right decision and the way to follow Christ and all sorts of just great things. His spanish was fantastic too. He´s been here for like two months and already speaks fluently. I don´t know how he does it! It´s a gift. We´ve been learning a little bit of Creole with him and our other Haitian friends. We can now do successful contacts en Creole! haha it´s fun stuff. Anyways Wesly is great and was able to get baptized and we´re pretty happy about it.

Another big thing happened which was that a new bishop was called! It is wonderful for us because we do family home evenings with him every week and all of our converts, less actives, and investigators are best friends with him!! In fact he is the member that would always let us go to his house to teach Wesly. So Wesly´s best friend in the church is the new bishop. We are excited about that because he is going to do a wonderful job and I think that we will see some good stuff in the next couple of months! At least until I come home:) if I stay in this area!

We´ve been doing some serious service in our area which I absolutely love. We are helping an almost active member´s house move along quite quickly. He didn´t even have a roof when I got here and now we are finishing the walls on the inside! It takes us forever because we don´t EVER know what we are doing but after we learn we become somewhat efficient. We almost always learn when we are about to finish though. Oh well! He is an awesome guy.

We got some serious rain last week which meant a few things, 1. My feet got wayy wet since my shoes are getting older. They are still holding up really well though!! 2. the mountains got pounded with snow=Homesickness because anytime I see snow in the mountains I think of skiing and being in the mountains. Can´t wait for that! and 3. clean air for a couple of hours. I love the rain. It´s not the funnest to work in because we have to walk around in it all day and it´s cold but I still love it. It´s a good change. It´s now sunny but still very very cold in the morning. Our house gets sooo cold at night and in the morning and our electrical circuit only allows us to plug in one little air heater or else the whole house gets the power cut so we just warm up one room and the rest of the house is freeeeezing. Only two more months thought so I think I´ll be able to make it:)

Have a magnificent week!

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