Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7 Weeks


This is the LAST week of this transfer.... That means next week starts a new one... Which means it will be that LAST transfer of my mission... Can you believe it?! I can and I can`t at the same time. Either way I am excited!! I`m excited to start my last transfer and do my best and I am terribly excited to be home too sooo yeah!

So.. Wesly was confirmed by the bishop, Wesly`s best friend! That was good news. He has definitely been seeing some serious blessings from the man upstairs. He had quite a few little jobs here and there this last week! He will for sure keep seeing the blessings because after sacrament meeting he went and asked the bishop to help him a little with the whole tithing thing. So that was a real testimony builder. Here is a young man who literally, truly has almost nothing then God blesses him, and the first thing he does is pay his tithing. He is a great guy. 

We had a really neat experience with an investigator named Juana. I can`t remember if I have talked about her and her family before but she is 23 years old, has a little daughter, Sofia, lives with her parents and a cousin. Her cousin Veronica is such a HIPPIE!! And she is soo funny. Juan has now come to church three times and even went to Wesly`s baptism with Veronica. Anyways, last week we went to visit the whole family which a returned missionary who was our ward mission leader for like a month or so and now has a new callinb but with him and the family we talked about baptism and why it is so necessary and what promises we make to God and the promises he makes to us. None of them really wanted to set a baptismal date so we left them with the invitation that they pray and find out if it really was something they needed to do. Later in the week we passed by and Juana told us that she had done it... AND that she had recieved her answer. And since she recieved that first answer she had only recieved more! She herself decided to be baptized the 26 of June. The only bad news is that one of us may or may not be here for her baptism. She has been progressing really well since then! Pray for her!! She needs this change in her life!

I`m a little bummed about having transfers this week because Elder Catlett and I are best of friends and I would love to end with him. We will see how it goes! Whatever God needs. 

Hope my family is safe camping and that they had a good `ol time!

Til next week,
Elder Gunnell

So....I got pooped on by a bird....the good news is that it ONLY hit my backpack!!! Haha so much luck.

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