Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Keeping it short.

So I really loved the lesson last Sunday from Howard W. Hunter. I loved the example that was given about rowing a boat. And how the same resistence that pushes them away from their goal is the same resistence that is used to propel the boat forward with their paddles. Or in other words, resistence is needed to move forward. That´s just how it is in our lives! We can´t progress without having trials or problems or difficulties! They are all necessary so that we can move forward! That´s why we have hard times. I know that Heavenly Father doesn´t ever give us something that is too hard for us. We can always count on him to help us.

To tell you a little bit about our ward.... Haha.... Saturday night the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric called us and said that three of the four missionaries were going to have to speak in church the next day. Then at church we blessed and passed the sacrament, my comp taught the Gospel Principles class and while we were in that class they came and told us that the teacher for Priesthood wasn´t there and asked me to teach. So that was how fun our Sunday was:) I will have all sorts of opportunities to teach and participate in this ward! Haha

That´s all for this week! Have a marvelous week!!

Out preaching el evangelio,
Elder Gunnell

A pic of all the zone leaders and sister leaders at our monthly meeting with Pres!

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