Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

Hola!!(the only word i know in Spanish)

I'm just kidding I know more than that now! In fact I can actually say stuff in lessons! And every two weeks our teachers get harder to understand, faster, and speak less English! We have three teachers, a morning, afternoon, and evening. Our morning teacher doesn't say a single word in English simply because she doesn't know English! Haha at least not very well so all of her teaching is in Spanish and it is honestly way good! I can understand basically all of it and it makes me feel pretty good! Back in Spanish class in high school i thought learning 25 words of vocab in two weeks was rough but now I learn and memorize at very minimum 25 words a day! and in the last two weeks I've probably learned who knows how many! It's amazing what you can do with the lord's help because I don't think there was anyway I could have learned that many words and remembered them all! So yeah the Spanish is coming a long better! but not amazing!

It's weird having new kids here because that means that we are moving closer to the leave date and the group above us leaves next Tuesday! Some of those kids are my favorite people and I will be way sad when they all leave  cause i like them a lot and when they leave that means i only have two weeks left! Ahhh!! I'm so excited!!

Last Wednesday we got to go to the temple because it is closed for the next two weeks or so but I think we will be able to go again before we leave.

Teaching investigators(our teachers play as an investigator and we do like a real lesson) is sometimes frustrating and sometimes very rewarding and also planning lessons is sometimes not the funnest cause my companion and i disagree a lot but when we do agree and are on the same page we have some very solid lessons!

On Saturday I guess there was another earthquake but it was in the morning so none of us were awake to feel it which was a bummer cause they feel super weird!

I've decided that the MTC is extremely fun and I really do like it a lot! The atmosphere here with all these missionaries in one place is a blast! And there is soo much to learn about the doctrine and how to teach and how to speak Spanish and we are all struggling together and all improving so it is cool to see it in all the kids here. 

On Sunday we watched a devotional given at the Prove MTC in January of 2009 by elder Holland and wow that just got me pumped to go out in the field it was so inspiring and strong and i can not wait! And i can't wait until i can speak the language and actually get my feelings out with emotion and all that! Sundays are some amazing days for sure!

Oh!! also on my area map in my call packet(look at picture i sent) there are those little specks out in the distance in the ocean and I thought they were misprints or something but it turns out that those are islands and they are all in the North mission! It's the Easter islands and some others so who the heck knew?!

Also we got a room with windows!!!!!! It is so nice! I sent a picture of that and of Alcantara our house. Do you get the pictures or no?

I am missing everyone! Kinda..... I am too focused and excited about everything here that its hard to think about anything but what new Spanish words i can learn... But I do miss all the conversations with everyone and seeing everyone's faces and hearing everyone laugh! But things are too good here!! The city is amazing, the food is great, the mountains are massive and gorgeous, the people here are fantastic and all is going well!!

Thank you all for the support and love i really do appreciate it and i love hearing about all the things happening back home so keep letting me know!

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