Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

First of all I need to wish Josh Keller happy birthday!!!!! I hope it is wonderful and someone please send him a text or an email or facebook him or something for me!
So I'm not sure what kind of things you really want to hear about, the MTC this week has had some ups and downs, more ups though! It really isn't bad here and it is a lot of fun. One of the best things that happened was that on Friday my Companion and I had three lessons that just were incredible! It was a shocker and it felt so good! It was the first time I really felt like we had a strong sense of unity in our lessons and I was able to understand all the Spanish being said, ask questions, answer questions, share scripture and testify and commit! Don't forget that these lessons are just with our teachers who pretend to be investigadors but it is a ton of help and does feel like a real lesson! So yes my spanish is still atrocious but it is definitely getting better and FASTand I know there is no way it could happen this fast without the help of the lord! 

Another good part of this week was on Saturday our morning teacher, out of the blue, made us promise to only speak spanish the WHOLE day until 9:30 at night, it was hard! But fun and helped a ton!  So now it is a district goal for us to start today and speak spanish all day except at one meal a day and if we have to we can plan our lessons in english but next week we are going to go only spanish! Solamente espanol!
A bad part about this week is that the group that has been here two weeks more than us left this morning, I am kinda sad about it... There were some amazing kids in that group and I know they will do some incredible things but I will definitely miss them! I had become very good friends with some of them.

Another good thing is that on a spanish grammar test we took the other day to just see how we were doing I scored a 59% which doesn't sound good, but it shocked me!! I actually didn't do too bad in comparison with the other kids in my district even though my spanish was one of the very worst coming into the MTC. My companion scored 86%( like i said he is a genius!) then two kids scored 61 then 49, 44, 37 or something like that. So it goes to show that hard work does pay off and it is not always fun but when you do your part then God will help with the rest!
One morning my comp and I were taking 4 other missionaries with us to show them this really nice soccer field we found called, estadio espanol, I think. And when we got there, there was a worker out front and he started talking to us and we got talking about San Cristobal and us being missionaries and how he believes in religion but doesn't really go to church and how all his friends smoke and drink and how he doesn't really think that is good. So we were all like wow!! Good work for him! But we had ran out of time so we asked if he would be at the park the next day at the same time and if we could come back and he said yes! please do! So the next morning we ran back but because the park is gated and we couldn't get in(he was outside the park the first morning) so we sat outside for ten minutes but he never came out which make sense cause he can't really just abandon his job to come talk to us... It was a bummer but way cool to talk to a real person and attempt to speak spanish with them!
I saw a professional mountain biker, well I guess I don't know if he was pro but I think he had a brand new intense 951 with what looked like a pike on the front fork and had a mountin bike hat on and he definitely looked like a biker! haha anyways he was on the side of the road waiting for his buddy or something to come pick him up and that made me a little homesick and I just miss our mountains and being in nature and going biking or hiking or having a fire any time with friends and just exploring the mountains!
The most exciting thing though is that we get to go procelyting this friday!!!!!! We are going on splits with real missionaries out in the field from lunch until 7!!!!! We are going to the West mission and I can not wait!!!!!!!! We don't know much else besides we get to jump on the metro with our district and some teachers and then as companionships we will get off at different stops and the missionaries will be waiting and we will go do normal missionary stuff for the day! As much as I love it in the MTC I am ready to get out in the field and start! Even though I can't speak spanish very well, it will come and I want to teach real people! haha
I think that is it for today! I love you all and I appreciate all your support!

Elder Gunnell

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