Thursday, September 25, 2014

From the Mission President

Arrival of Elder Gunnell
 Here attached is a hand written letter from your son, a letter from President Videla, and a picture of him with President and Hermana Videla.He has arrived, received a great trainer for his companion, and has already left out to go and bless the people´s lives here in Chile.
Best Wishes,

Letter from Bayler:

Six weeks in the CCM went by so quick! We are now at the mission home but have not got our new companions yet! I'm excited and nervous, mostly excited though! Part of me opes I get a latino and part of me really doesn't like that idea.  I just really want to learn spanish and FAST.  But I know that I will get a companion that is good for me.

My birthday was an incredible birthday. All the Latino Hermanas made a huge card and some made a card of their own and tons of different treats from Argentina, Columbia, Brazil and Nicaragua.  So I got pretty spoiled.  Then Hermana Doll Made chocolate cookies (I need to get that recipe) and my teachers all gave me a candy bar or something similar.  Also because it was Chile's Independence day on the 18th we had a celebration the day after and had a bunch of activities  and they cooked some amazing food and we played soccer.  Oh how I miss that.  I forgot how much I loved soccer.  Not the high school soccer but real soccer.

Learning spanish thus far has been the hardest thing I've ever done.  And to be honest I am kinda scared to start this whole thing later today and officially tomorrow.  But there is a scripture I really like, it is Alma 17:9-14.  It's when the sons of Mosiah are going to preach the gospel.  In verse 9 it says how through the spirit we will be made instruments in the Lord's hands.  In verse 11 it says if we are patient in our afflictions (in my case, learning Spanish) they will be made instrument in the hands of the Lord, again.  So I know it's possible and I know the Lord didn't call me here without a way to accomplish the things I need to do.  It will happen in the Lords time.

Love Elder Gunnell

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