Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20,2014

 Today we had a zone activity at the Stake Presidents house.

This week I learned a lot about how much my family has played such a
huge role in my life. We taught a mother of a family that are inactive
and usually she doesn´t like listening and usually keeps herself
occupied when we come by but we stopped by their house out of the blue
and she and only one of her kids was there and we asked if we could
come in and share something with her. She was like yeah sure whatever.
But later on in the lesson she really opened up to us about her and
her families life when they were active in the church and had callings
and how close their family was and how now, things are just a mess. It
was neat because she kind of taught herself why church and being
involved are so important. I talked a little to her about how when the
family is together there something there. Like at Christmas time when
all all the cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents are all
together, there is something there and in that time how Satan has no
control. Cause the family is so strong. I think back to the times when
my mom would get up in the early hours of the morning to make
breakfast for our family so we could all read scriptures before I went
to school. And all the Mondays that mom made me stay home instead of
going out and doing something with my friends and the nights that we
would do our little work out thing. Mom, if it wasn´t for all of your
family home evenings growing up I don´t think I would know half the
Book of Mormon stories that I know, I am so grateful for those. These
memories with my family are the memories that I cherish and I wish I
would have spent more time with my family.

There is another little town in our sector called Cerillo, its like a
30 minute bus ride and there are only buses every hour. But we went
our there to find a family and we ended up talking to a family and
neighbors who were all talking in front of their house and one of them
had cancer so we talked to them for while and had another lesson with
them just recently but the really cool thing was that they told us of
one of their neighbors who were having a hard time so we went and
stopped by their house. The daughter of this family had actually been
praying for help and we came by! But her dad can´t talk or move very
well so usaully he lays in bed all day, he can hear and nod his head
and give thumbs up and it´s way cool when he does that! But we shared
with the family and he started to cry a little when we talked about
the gospel, we asked if he wanted a blessing and gave him a blessing.
We left and then had another lesson with them. When we showed up the
mom answered the door and we went in and taught a lesson and they are
committed to be baptized the 9th of november! My explanation of all
this is bad but it was a really cool experience.

In lessons now Elder Anderson will stop talking and I have to take
over and talk so that is some progress for sure with my spanish! I can
understand more and more every single day! I´m getting excited for the
day when I can actually talk with these people and converse and share
my feelings!

I´m very very grateful for Grandpa Burke and his contribution, please
thank grandma Needa for a me a million times.

Elder Gunnell

P.S. The empanadas are very good(tell grandpa mark) and another big
thing is completos, those are good too!

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