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October 27,2012


Dad Happy Birthday!!!! You're like 46 or something right? I don't know if it's a good idea for you to go on a canyoneering trip with Brother Murray, you might get hurt.

I got your package mom and dad and family!!!! Ahhhh! Thank you for thinking way ahead of me 
and sending my reese's, oatmeal raisin cookies:):), oreos, others and PUMPKIN!! That was the best thing I've seen in awhile. I can't thank you enough! I had told Elder Anderson about those cookies earlier and when we saw that I got pumpkin he was like you have to make those right now!! So during lunch I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and man were they tasty!

 Wow sooo good. I'm making more tomorrow. They were a little off because I don't have
measuring cups or anything like that so everything I make I am just
eyeballing it but it's worked out pretty well. We gave some cookies to
some of our investigators which I loved because they had never had
cookies with pumpkin in them! So I loved that. Also this week I made
Chocolate chip cookies and some german pancakes which also were so
fantastic to taste again! Yesterday at a Stake activity I was talking
to a Sister missionary who was in Catemu before us and we were talking
about cooking because she would always make brownies for the people
and stuff and I wanted her brownie recipe so I could try it out and it
was just fun talking about cooking and treats with someone. Because
they don't have brown sugar down here her sister sent her brown sugar
so we made a deal that this week for district class she is going to
make chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar(mine didn't have it) and
I'm gonna make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and we are gonna trade
during district class! Haha

We have discovered with the warming of the weather, it is starting to
get very hot, that our house is loaded with spiders. In one night, in
probably 30 minutes we killed ten spiders and this spiders aren't
little harmless spiders. They are big spiders. I don't think I've ever
seen any this size before! I mean they aren't like trantulas but they
are not small by any means!! Also here in Los Andes, the area I am in,
a very common type of spider is the brown reclouse(I don't know how to
spell that) and we killed a couple of them but for now we haven't had
any serious problems! Also I saw my first wild scorpions thank
goodness not in our house.

So when we travel to Santiago we usually take a massive huge tour bus,
sometimes the double decker massive huge tour buses, from Catemu to
Santiago. When we do that we end up in Station Central. This place is
like the Georgia Airport of buses. It's a gigantic mall where all
sorts of buses from other parts of Chile and other countries end up.
There is 100 spots for buses and I honestly don't know how to explain
it other than it is huge and massive and I've never seen so many big
buses in the same area or as many stores packed into one area. From
there we go underground to the metro and depending on where we are
going in Santiago we can either take the metro and walk or we take the
metro then a bus and then walk!

This week we went to Santiago because all the people that are
finishing their missions go to the Temple together. And because the
session was at 5:30 we weren't going to be able to get a bus to bring
us back to Catemu because they end so we had a sleepover in the
apartment of the President's assistants! They weren't there because
they were on splits with other missionaries but it was still fun! This is the view.

This Sunday we had four investigators come to church and a few less active and that was way exciting! It was the first time for me for this to happen! I realized how important it is that the ward members are very nice and welcoming for people who have never assisted before cause that would be kinda scary and intimidating I think! This week Elder Anderson has made me in charge of our cellphone so I have to answer it and make calls which is really good for me! Sometimes it's hard but it's way good practice and I'm getting better at it! Also one of the times we went to Santiago this week we weren't able to sit together cause we got our tickets late and I was sitting by this girl and I figured it was a good time to practice my spanish and we ended up talking for the whole two hours! I felt pretty proud of that haha Also let Tylee know that I really like her plan of practicing with Drey so that he doesn't forget me by the time I come home! I think that wraps it up for this week, I'm doing great and I'm loving it more and more! I love having good relationships with the people, that's probably the funnest part. Oh, also this time next week I will have a new companion! And possibly a new area. I'll find out Saturday if I am changing sectors or staying but for sure I will have a new companion haha and mom don't worry because our p-day is like normal so you will still hear from me! Love, Elder Gunnell

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