Monday, November 24, 2014

I´d be lying if I said that this wasn´t the funnest thing I´ve done!‏

Every week is faster, more fun, and full of more things! Haha and I´m already loving it, if it keeps going like this I don´t think I´ll ever come home, sorry mom. 

First of all there aren´t any pictures this week because I left my SD card in the house of the miember that we just left and they live far away so those pictures will come next week!

I´ll start with the food. This week was a good week for baking! Pday I made a huge batch of cinnamon rolls and they were incredible. I made them small so that we would have a lot and so that everyone in my district could have two each and we still had a ton. They were the best things I´ve had in Chile I´m pretty sure. They reminded me of home, but not in a bad way! Elder Bennett and I couldn´t stop ourselves because they were sooooo good!! Haha and I made a couple other things for breakfast, like German Pancakes are almost a weekly thing, french toast is a frequent one too, scrabbled egg sandwiches, oh one day we had breakfast burritos with sausage and melted cheese and those were tasty as well, egg-in-a-hole haha to say the least breakfast is my favorite! And then yesterday I made strawberry and banana crepes!! Which included fresh strawberries and bananas, Nutella(believe it or not that I found Nutella in this little town, I was shocked as well), I made a strawberry syrup/glaze sorta of thing, and homade whip cream!! Oh....... We pigged out. Greatest day in the world! Haha I didn´t realize how much I liked cooking before my mission but now I´m realizing it and how grateful I am for my dearest mother for teaching me and helping me cook. Every Sunday I make our Menu(just like you do mom) so that we can buy all the ingredients for the upcoming week, I´m excited for this week!

Now for something a little more spiritual and just a really neat experience. We are teaching a family of three. There is the mom, and two sons. Aged 21 and 14(his birthday is this Friday, I´m making chocolate angel food cake for him!). The mom is a member but it´s been forever since she was active, basically since she was little. But she is realizing how much the Gospel could help in the lives of her sons and so she came to church this last week and things are good there! But anyways they live on a very busy road, well the only road there is to enter Catemu so there is almost always cars passing by and their house is right on the road so it is never ever quiet. But we were teaching a lesson with them and we were talking a little bit about the spirit(this is like 15 minutes into the lesson that has gone really well) and I started explaining how I personally feel the Spirit and was saying how usually there are a million things going on in my head and everything is going 100 mph and especially now that I am trying to learn Spanish, people´s names, street names, and whatever else my mind is usually a mess BUT ¨(this is what I said more or less) when I feel the Spirit, everything slows down and my mind is very clear, it´s almost like everything just stops and takes a breath¨ and in that moment I stopped talking and their house that usually has cars passing by and never ever is quiet, was absolutely silent. You could´ve heard a pin drop, no you could have heard a feather drop. And the room got all warm and seemed to brighten up and it was just... Wow... the Spirit was there very very very strong. And no it wasn´t all me because Elder Bennett played a huge role but just that the fact that we could be the manner for the Spirit into their home was incredible. Everyone noticed it and I think we all learned a little bit. I´m hoping that helps with their progress! 

Today was really fun! There is a member in Catemu who has always wanted to learn to make cupcakes because many years ago she bought cupcake pans but has never ever used them so I told her I could help her learn! So we went out to her house today to teach her how to make cupcakes and help her husband finish up his project of building sort of a garage type of thing. But it turns out the little store near their house didn´t have all the things that we needed but she had all the ingredients for cinnamon rolls! So I taught her how to make cinnamon rolls and she taught me how to make cheese empanadas! And then we ate my cheese empanadas, lunch, and the cinnamon rolls! It was very fun but I´m bummed that I forgot my SD card cause I´ve got pictures of it all!

Oh also yesterday was our Stake Conference too! We had the opportunity to go to the adult session Saturday night and I am so grateful for that because it was soo good. President Viñas of the Seventy and the President of the South America South was there along with another seventy because they Stake President got released and a new Presidency was made. All the talks were very very good but something that stuck out to me a lot was that when we have the Spirit of the Lord with us we can NEVER offend another person OR be offended by someone. Kind of a neat thought.

This mission is amazing. I am so grateful to be here. It´s the funnest, most rewarding, and neatest experience I´ve ever had in my life and I get to do it for 21 more months. What a blessing.

Thank you for every and I hope Thanksgiving is incredible! 

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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