Monday, December 1, 2014

 Me making cheese empanadas! Also these fotos are from elder bennetts camera

 I put rocks in the middle so that that cake wouldn´t lift up the cup when it cooked, I didn´t know if that would happen or not but I did it in case! haha
My cake(small)

This week was a little stinky. I some how came down with a fever on Tuesday but it was anything too bad. Haha so don´t worry mom! Just a lot of laying in my bed and nothing more. I guess it was nice to get some extra rest but now I realize how grateful I am for my health! Being a missionary is way funner when you can leave the house and actually talk to people! When you can´t do that, it´s a huge bummer. 

I hope Thanksgiving was fantastic for everyone! We had our zone conference on Friday and that was the closest thing to Thanksgiving we had and it was soo good! The conference was in San Felipe this time which was incredible and there is an empanada restaurant that if you are anywhere near San Felipe you have to try it becuase it is so good. It´s called Sonia´s and the mission had them cater us! Ahhh I was so stuffed afterwards and it was super tasty!

Haha my mom said something about my last letter and how it was all about the food, I just really like to make things! It´s not that the food here is bad in fact I have loved every meal that we have had! But I like to make treats for us and others! And because we live kinda far away from everything we don´t have lunch with members everyday which means I get the opportunity to make something! Speaking of that, we didn´t have lunch yesterday after church so we made cheese empanadas(Elder Bennett´s first time, he says that I have to teach him how to cook so that he can impress girls after the mission haha) and teriyaki chicken(thank you for the recipe mom!) and rice! It was pretty tasty. The deli chicken is pretty cheap here, I like buying that better. Also it was a birthday of an investigator so I HAD to make a cake of some sort so I made an Chocolate Angel food cake! Well I made two small ones. And double chocolate chip cookies!

We found an incredible family, actually dos, but I am very excited to keep teaching them! They are funny humble and soo sweet. It´s a family of three. Their house consists of one room and a bathroom and nothing more. They have beds in one part of the room, a table to eat and cook, an oven, fridge, tv, and the normal needs. But it isn´t anything weird if anything it has made them a very close family and they are fantastic! 

Have you seen the He is the Gift video? That video is so good and the mission is doing a lot with that video. I am way excited for December and Christmas here! It´s such a good time to share the Gospel. We have shown that video twice and it is so powerful and brings the spirit so strongly. If you haven´t seen the video yet, watch it! And share it! I love it! Haha

I think that´s all for now... So happy first of December! I hope you get a ton of snow and enjoy it a lot!

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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