Monday, December 8, 2014

Where did the time go? It´s already December and it doesn´t feel like time is slowing down! 

Not anything terribly exciting happened this week but in general it was a very successful and fun week!

I´ve still been doing some cooking and this week our zone leaders asked me to make something for all our zone because it is our last week to be all together before some go home and some change areas! So I´m making a couple pies and no bake cookies! Then another missionary called me and asked if I could make a cake for a less active member for her birthday and then some other little things, I´m excited! 

Something that happened that was a first for me was an investigator that I really like decided that she didnt want to continue with the church. We are still going to pass by her house because her daughter still wants to keep learning. When I heard about this I was very sad because that kinda hurt. We found them almost two months ago and have become very close friends. They have really hard lives and I know how much the Gospel could help them and I really truly want the best for them. I hope she will change her mind.

Next week is our transfer week so I don´t know if I will still be in Catemu or in a different part of our mission, either way I am very excited!!

Thank you for everything!

Elder Gunnell

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