Monday, December 15, 2014

¡Me quedo hasta Enero por lo menos!‏

I am staying here in Catemu for at least six more weeks! And I am so excited! Elder Bennett is still my companion which is sweet because we both know the sector and the people really well so now we can work even better and more efficiently. He is still District leader and now I am just his companion because 
I´m done with my training weeks! 

Every week is good, I can´t ever complain! All the cooking went over well this past week so I was very grateful for that. 

The thing that I noticed most this week before I knew I was going to stay here is the love that I have for the people. When I realized that there was a possiblity that I could change sectors I would get sad because these people here are incredible. They are my best friends and soo nice. All the investigators, the less actives, and recent converts. They are incredible. I was not ready to leave them all and so I am extremely glad that I have another six weeks here. But I think that just means that it will be even harder to leave... But that´s okay! I´m going to do all I can in these few weeks!

It has been really neat to see the progress of the people and they have given me a lot of encouragement in how much I have progressed with the language! Haha it is kinda funny but they tell me how when I was first here they hardly understood a thing I said but now I can tell stories(kinda) and they can understand and things like that. It makes me feel good that they can see that I´m progressing!

Something pretty dumb and funny that I did this week was burn my hand from the rack in the oven. Haha Elder Bennett has to laugh everytime it comes up and he loves to tell the story! Haha it was pretty funny though. I went to move the rack down for the angel food cake(the oven was already preheated obviously) and usually I have two oven mits but this time Elder Bennett had one and I completely forgot so I went to grab the rack with BOTH hands and yep, burned my hand pretty good, he says I screamed like a girl. I don´t believe it. Then I sat with my hand in a bowl of cold water for like an hour while I studied. Haha 

That just about sums up the week I think! Thanks for all the emails!

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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