Monday, December 22, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad!‏

I hope this week is absolutely wonderful and full of snow! That´s a huge bummer that there still isn´t snow. Here the weather has been weird too, it´s been pretty cold! Especially in the mornings and the night. I have felt like I have to drink hot chocolate to celebrate Christmas a little bit and take advantage that it is a little cold... I don´t even like hot chocolate... But I think for la Navidad it will be pretty warm still! I think that is part of why I don´t feel homesick, it doesn´t really feel like Christmas!

So we have been visiting a family and we teach the mom and her two daughters. This family has hardly anything. They have to shower outside they don´t have shoes and I´ve only seen food in their kitchen twice in the 3 months that we have been teaching them. I don´t think they have running water in their house and they don´t have a fridge. They are incredible though. She loves going to church and it is very important to her. Why I bring all this up is because at the end of our last lesson with her she brought out two presents. One for each of us. Our investigator that has the littlest, thought of us and bought us each a present for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I have gotten. I couldn´t believe it. And I have no idea how to repay her. It was something so very sweet and kind.

Yesterday we had an activity with our Branch where we rounded up a choir of like 15 and a couple vehicles and we went and sang to a bunch of less active members and families where only a few are members. We did it from 4:30 until 9 pm. It was a lot but it was really something incredible. The spirit of Christmas is real, even here in Chile, even though there is no snow and it´s hot(kinda). It was neat to see the change in the people after we sang and while we were singing. Some instantly started crying, some who weren´t so grateful that we were there at first were very grateful afterwards, some the whole family just hugged eachother. It was very pretty and I am really glad that we got the chance to do that and that the some of the members were willing to spend their whole Sunday singing.

We did some service this week and I have loved it! It feels good to do some manual labor again. Haha believe it or not Brett McEvoy I miss working. Maybe I don´t miss working every single day, not yet, but I do miss working. We made cement one day for an addition to a house and then the next day we helped a Sister clean up her yard because there were a ton of weeds. 

I really hope that this Christmas is a special one! Don´t forget why we have Christmas and what we are actually celebrating. But also I hope that you were all good so Santa can bring some good presents!

I am sorry I didn´t reply to a lot of personal letters today but I will try to get around to it! Thank you for everything!

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