Monday, February 23, 2015


 This week has been a little hectic but a very good week for me! I learned quite a bit and I am excited to finish out these last two weeks in this transfer!

This week I had three splits which was why it was so hectic but they all turned out really well. The first one was on Wednesday and I was with one of the zone leaders (from Columbia) in Los Andes which went really well and I learned a lot from him on how to teach. The next morning we went to San Felipe and Elder Bennett stayed in San Felipe and I took a different Elder to our sector, Catemu. This Elder has been in the mission even less time than me and talks a little less spanish than me and I had never been with someone that talks less than me! I was a little nervous at first because Elder Bennett does a lot of the teaching and so I had never had to take the lead and be the ¨senior companion¨ for lack of other words. It went suuuuuuper good! It was actually a ton of fun and I got to see that I really do(kinda) know spanish, well more than I give myself credit for! We had a really good day and we had some success!

Then on Saturday Elder Bennett had to go do the baptism interviews for a couple people in Llay-Llay so we decided it was best if I stayed in Catemu and worked while he went there. So a missionary from Llay-Llay came to Catemu for the day. He also has less time than me on the mission but is from Brazil so knows spanish really well, better than me. But because we were in my sector I was still technically the senior companion and did the majority of the teaching. We killed it that day and taught quite a few lessons and were able to visit a lot of less active people to invite them to church. Which was so worth it! There is a family that we have been teaching and the parents are less active. We finally got them to come to church yesterday!!:) They are so sweet and I love them all! Our lesson was really good Saturday and they said okay we will come and they came! I was stoked Sunday morning!

So I feel like I´ve been able to grow personally this week and I´m excited to keeping working hard!

The bad news is that the family of Nelson, Cecilia, and Patricio kinda got a little sad. Nelson is in the north working so we have just visited Cecilia and Patricio. Cecilia told us that she is scared to change her beliefs. She says it is a big jump and doesn´t feel ready. She also said how she is use to worshipping the virgin Mary and because we don´t do that it kinda makes her worried. It´s a bummer for us and for Patricio because he still wants her to make these changes. In the lesson he had the Book of Mormon open and was saying things like, ¨But mom it says right here that it is against the ten commandments to worship images! And mom it says here that you need to be married!¨ And his mom doesn´t really want him to go to mutual anymore and I don´t know... Yes for sure we will keep working with them and I haven´t lost faith yet but it is a huge bummer and makes me really sad to be honest. I went by their house Saturday night with my other companion just to see how they were and to invite them to church but they weren´t home and I just talked to the grandma. So we will see what happens with them.

Thank you mom for sending me so many recipes! In the next coming weeks I will be baking quite a bit for an activity we have and a little birthday party we are going to throw for Elder Bennett and one of the little girls that is in the family that came to church yesterday!

I hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Gumball(as I am called now)

 that mountain of food is called a chorillana it is tons of fries, onions, sausage, hot dog, a fried egg, and whatever kind of sauce you want. It´s a heart stopper basically haha but Elder Bennett ate one this week. It was kinda gross haha

I got this picture 7 times with the following questions; I need the recipe for your biscuits cause the second counselor really wants to know how to make them? How do I make apple pie? How long to I boil the chicken in water for chicken noodle soup and is the water really safe to use after I boiled chicken in it? Whats the recipe for that yummy fudge cake I made that had strawberries in it and dad really liked it?  When was Addason's adoption story published in the New Era? I need the recipe for your eclairs and on the last one he said MOM, I LOVE YOU!  

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