Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

Well I can say I miss the party that we always have with all the food but I can´t really say I miss the actual game but I heard Katy Perry sang the half-time show which could have been way cool or not very good but I hope it was decent! The patriots won right? Woohoo I am super excited for them! Haha no but good for Chan cause that´s his team!

This week wasn´t quite as exciting as the last week but it was a good one anyways! I think my favorite part of this week was the surprise hospital visit for Cecilia. The night before we went we called her son to find out how the surgery went, if she was awake, if we could call her, and things like that. We told him we wanted to call her to see if we could visit her the next day. When we said that he got wayy excited and said, ¨That is a great idea! But it has to be a surprise! You can´t tell her anything!¨ So we were like okay yeah we´ll make it a surprise! We made plans to meet up with Patricio(the son) in San Felipe and surprise her. I aso wanted to make her a little treat so I made some banana bread and topped it with some butter cream frosting. Then we went and surprised her and gave her the banana bread. We talked for awhile and the surgery went so well that she actually went home Thursday instead of Friday or Saturday! Which was a blessing! She also had on her night stand by her bed in the hospital the little pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation that we gave her like a week ago so that was kinda cool that she brought it to read while she was in the hospital!

Patricio(mentioned above) is doing really well and came to church without his mom or dad! Because his mom still can´t really do much from the surgery and his dad had just got home and was taking care of his mom. But he still came to church and likes it a lot! This week he is going to go to mutual for the first time. We are actually going to go with him because the young men and women are going to do a combined activity and the Young Womens President asked if we could come and teach a class on cooking and make a few things! They want to learn to make brownies(very popular here) and then said I can pick something else that we can make. So I think we will make like blue berry or raspberry muffins is all! But that should be a pretty good time I hope.

Sunday Adela recieved the Holy Ghost in Sacrament and that was really good! Then in Relief Society they ended the meeting with a mini testimony meeting. Someone who was sitting by Adela went and gave her testimony and then sat back down and nudged Adela and said, ¨Now it´s your turn!¨ So she got up there and bore her testimony! (The sister missionaries told us all this) But she said how before she met the missionaries she never went to church, never read the bible, never thought about spiritual things, and never wanted to do anything with a church. But when she met the missionaries and started doing what they asked she started to feel something she never felt before. She says that now she nows that this is the right path for her and her two little girls and that she doesn´t ever want to leave. So it was pretty sweet to hear all that! 

I think that is basically it for this week! Have a wonderful week, I will be praying for some snow for all you because that is very sad that there still isn´t snow!

Elder Gunnell

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