Monday, September 14, 2015


We had a baptism! What? Haha it was kind of a surprise baptism and I don`t remember if I said anything about it last week... But a member had lost his church records about two years ago and so we had the chance to reteach the lessons to him and get him baptized! Haha it was actually really funny because I had never taught all the principles that we as missionaries have to teach all in one lesson. It was fun! We had a lesson with him on Wednesday, the interview on Thursday and the baptism on Saturday! Him and his girlfriend even went out and bought us ties for doing it. What sweethearts.

We had our interviews with the Mission President this week (we do them every other transfer). Like always it was wonderful. He is such a sincere guy and I like him a lot. Also! I ended up having to teach our whole zone for a little bit while the other two district leaders were in their interviews with the Pres and his wife. Which was kinda fun! I made a story and turned it into a madlib kinda deal where we replaced words and verbs with things they said and then read the story! 

This Wednesday we have a multi-zone conference (nice, I don`t have to teach!). Because it is the week of the 18th we are going to do everything together as a mission so that we can celebrate the 18th with our wards and the members there. Speaking of the 18th I am sooooo excited!!!! Our ward is doing a party from 11 in the morning until who knows when. Until everyone leaves! We are gonna have so much food and so many games! Man I´m pumped. It will basically be like the fouth of July in the States but without fireworks. I´m a little sad this will be the last 18th that I´ll be able to celebrate but I guess that means I`ll just have to come back sometime in the future!

I had did an interchange(is that a word in english) with one of the missionaries in my distrit. He is Chilean and a very cool kid! He came to my area and my comp went to his. It was a good time! But we stayed up way too late talking.

I feel like there was a lot more to say but I´ve forgotten everything.... Sorry! Haha

Also I forgot to mention a happy birthday shoutout to Kui! And Grandma Rinderknecht!

We`ll see you next week! Nos vemos la próxima semana!

Elder Gunnell

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