Monday, September 14, 2015

Time flies when you´re busy!‏

It was a VERY fast week! We had things to do everyday! Also I´ve never done so many family home evenings in my mission. It´s like every other day we have something planned. We have projects in the house to help the owners make it look better and we have service projects all over the place! I love doing service so I´ve been seeking out every opportunity that I have had!

This week we did a wonderful family home evening in the church. We invited Veronica and her family to come to the church with us. Before had we had set up the church so that we could be able to teach about the principles of the Gospel like faith, repentance, baptism, the sacrament, holy ghost and persevere to the end but we also did it in the form of a tour because she had never been inside the church before. So for example to talk about baptism we went to the baptismal font and we had a picture of Christ when he was baptised right there and talked about it. In the primary we talked about faith and how important children are and how they are taught faith from a very young age. We went to the sacrament table to talk about the sacrament and the atonement that Christ did to make it posible for us to return to him no matter how many times we mess up and fall.

It went soo well, way better than I thought it would! She also loved it and now all her little kids want to do is come so that they can go to primary haha! They didn´t come last week but they had some problems over the weekend. This week for sure. I hope. At least that is going to be our focus. 

We are also helping reactivate a family who have a daughter of eight years old (Juan, Flor, and Anto). They are progressing a lot and invited us to eat lunch with them this last Sunday! They also were going to come to church but got home really late from their nephew´s birthday so..... We´ll see if they come this next week!

It was a bummer because we had invited nearly 20 people to church but in the end only a few arrived... It was a bummer but nothing to get down on! It happens a lot and it won´t get better by complaining about it so we´ll just keep inviting them for next week!:)

My class went well! We have an awesome district(the best in the zone I say). The only sister missionaries in the zone are in my district which is a bonus because they are dang good missionaries. We are also designing a t-shirt for our district which will hopefully be getting finished up here soon!

We are also in the process of painting our house and we are hoping to finish that today so that it won´t be so ugly. Oh! I finally got a new mattress and a new bed frame!! My bed fram use to be bent, it looked like a smiley face. I started waking up really sore so then I took it off the frame and stuck it upside down on the ground and jumped on it for a bit hoping that it would straighten out a little, which it did... Kinda, it turned into a frowny face. I slept like that for about a week to no avail. So I just took away the whole bed frame and put the mattress on the floor. It was a little better but I had an awful mattress. But I now have a new mattress and bed frame:) hallelluya!!

Think that´s it for now.... Have a marvelous week!

Elder Gunnell

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