Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cut short on time‏

It´s always been hard to get everything written in an hour and I have even less time today cause I´ve gotta look up a few things for my class tomorrow so please forgive me!

A quick run down on the week:

Monday we spent our p-day in the Santiago just visiting a few shops and watching some shows in the main plaza. Ate some yummy food and that was about it!
Tuesday was a very good day we found a couple new people and we had a lot of lessons and people to teach.
Miercoles we had our District class. I think I taught a decent lesson and another Elder had a very good lesson!
Thursday we did an interchange for a day! I went to a different area and spent a day there with an Elder from Arizona. We had a veeery fun day doing service and chatting. Found a new couple while we were there.
Friday just a normal day but we were both very tired becuase we both stayed up way too late in the interchange... haha bad chioces always have bad consequences.
Saturday was quite the day! We went and visited a less active family who was going to a baby shower (fun fact: in chile they use the frase ¨baby shower¨ in english) for a woman in our ward and they were going to make cupcakes. My comp volunteered me to help so I made some lemon cupcakes! I think they turned out okay! Afterwards I had to go do a baptismal interview and then we had a Family Home Evening with some converts and their friends. All in all a very good day!
Sunday was great because of Church and then had some visits after! 

Today is our p-day because they decided to change it so that´s why we didn´t write yesterday. We decided to go check out a park that we had never been to. GUESS WHAT WE FOUND?! Two cement silos that they have turned in to rock climbing walls (pictures on blog)! They are just in the middle of these gigantic park! There are a bunch of routes for top roping and lead climing and on one side they have a boulding wall with a bunch of routes.. Oh I just about died when I saw it all. It was so beautiful to my eyes!! Will I get permission to climb? Probably not... But it was still nice to feel the holds again and remember my glory days haha. One day I´ll go back to the mountains and climb.

Have a great week! Or not, the choice is yours.

Elder Gunnell

 Enjoying the spoils of a pkg he received. 

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