Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Momma Gunnell!!‏

It´s my marvelous mother´s birthday this week so everyone love her to death like she deserves!

So this week I will just share two things! One is from what I learned with Elder Bednar and the other is an experience I had this week!

To start off I´ll share something that Elder Bednar taught us. He gave us an example that really stuck with me. He started talking about objects. Just any kind of object. A glass, his scriptures, the flowers. They all need an outward force to be moved or to do anything. He then explained that our scriptures are the same thing! They are an inanimate object. They need an outward force to make something happen. And what is the common mistake that we all make? We all go to the scriptures TO BE ACTED UPON. Or, in another words, we go to the scriptures and tell them, ¨Hey, we are all unanimated objects and we want YOU to act upon us, okay? We are just gonna sit here and read and whenever you are ready give us something that we need to know or something we should do just give us a heads up. Por favor.¨ We´ll to be waiting a real long time if we do that. We are children of God. The power to act is WITHIN us. Thankfully we don´t need any outward for to make us act or move. We can decide and do for ourselves. What we need to be better at is us ACTING UPON THE SCRIPTURES not the scriptures acting upon us. We need to take something with us to the scriptures. We need to be the outward force that makes them move. For example: someone makes a quick comment that was rude and made me feel bad. Now I go to the scriptures and say, ¨Listen up scriptures, so and so said something that hurt my feelings and I want to know how I can forgive them and forget. What do I do? How do I do it?¨

The other thing I want to share is just to never give up! If we are doing our part things will work out! I was in an interchange with a different Elder and we were doing contacts on our way to a Family Home Evening. I kept getting these little promptings that I needed to go knock on the door of a house here or there or talk to a person over there. It happened about 7 or 8 times and every time it was a complete and total shut down. Not one of them wanted anything to do with me or the Church or God and frankly a few were quite rude. I was not enjoying myself. We decided that no one on this street was going to want to talk to us and the family home evening was going to start in about 15 minutes so we decided to just head straight there. As we were walking I looked to the other side of the street and saw a pretty looking house with the door open, once again I got a little feeling that we should go knock on the door. I told myselft, ¨you´ve felt this same little feeling with the last 7 or 8 people you´ve talked to. Why is it going to be any different this time?¨ I decided we were going to give it a shot anyways. We cross the street and start talking with a woman. At first she is very timid and hesitant. And before you know it she is inviting us into the house really wanting to know what our message is! We had a wonderful lesson and at the end she told us all the things that she is struggling with and all the things she needs and wants in her life (that never happens)! The Elders in that sector went by her house two more times that week and she and her daughter came to church this last Sunday (we are in the same ward but different area)!! A little side note: when she saw me the very first thing she said was, ¨Why did God send you to my house?¨ 

The moral of the story is that sometimes we don´t understand all things. Sometimes we ask ourselves why do I have to try again if I have already failed? Why do I have to go through this trial after going through so many others? It´s because God loves you and he wants to teach you something and help you be an answer to someone else´s prayer! But if we don´t keep moving forward in faith maybe that someone won´t be able to be blessed by us. Don´t ever give up and suffer with joy!

I love the Gospel and the happiness it brings. Have a splendid week!

Elder Gunnell
 Under our sink. Gross!!

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