Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's Already Easter!!

So I´d like to ask forgiveness for not writing an email last week (sorry mom)! 

Things went well the week before but there just wasn´t much to say! At least I didn´t feel like there was much to say so I wrote some more personal emails!

Anyways a couple big things have happened this week! My comp headed home yesterday! He is now relaxing in Brazil with his family so a big congrats to him for finishing his mission! This week is a little weird because the new missionaries won´t get here until next week so we haven´t had transfers yet! All the companions who had comps that went home got paired up with eachother so currently I am with one of the zone leaders from Colina, Elder Clarine from Arizona. We are spending the first part of the week in my area and the other half in his.

Today we had the most wonderful opportunity to go to the temple!!!!! I think the last time I went to actually go do temple work was last year in May or June... So it´s been awhile. It was great. I had forgotten how pretty the Santiago temple is inside. It´s beautiful. Who wouldn´t want to be able to spend time in it?! We set up another appointment to go next week, the week before GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I´m so excited!

It´s still hot as ever here. Fall started already but everyone has been telling us that summer is going to last a long time this year so we will be sweating for a little bit longer. We have been able to find some new people to teach. Sadly we find a few people and then we never find them again or they decide that they are done with us. Just gotta pick the wheat from the tares. I´m hoping that next week I get a comp that is ready to work so that we can turn this area around!

If you haven´t seen the new video from the church ¨Hallelujah¨ I would recommend that you watch it and share it! It has a really powerful message and we have had really good results by showing it to people here. Actually I love showing it!!

Love you all! Have a good week! We´ll talk to you later!

Elder G

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