Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fall is Just Around the Corner

It`s starting to get a little colder finally!!! There were actually a few raindrops that fell today! I am excited for the cold again. I am tired of the heat. 

I will have to agree with those who wrote me saying that conference was great! I completely agree with that. I certainly loved it. I could really feel their messages hit me and I am excited for the next six months that we have to study and listen to their talks again! I know that those were the messages that God wanted us to hear so that we could be safe and protected in the next six months. Especially with the world heading where it`s heading. There were so many talks that I just loved. I also really loved the messages that talked about marraige:) I don`t know why that would apply to me in the next 6 months... But I mean we just have to obey the prophets and we`ll be good right?! Haha.

I´m having a technological fight with the computer right now trying to put all the talks on my iPod. The computer is currently winning. I might need to take a ¨How to use a computer for beginners¨ class when I get home cause I don`t remember how technology works. So if my letter today is a little lame it`s for that reason.

My comp is hilarious. We get a long great, he makes me laugh and man it`s good to laugh again! Laughing does good for the soul (see Proverbs 17:22 for a scripture that backs that up haha) and so it was a good week. We didn`t get a lot of work done because we had quite a few meetings and things to do but it was still a great week! We invited the zone over to our house on Saturday morning to do a big `ol breakfast before conference. We made buttermilk pancakes, scrambbled eggs, and sausage (the closest thing to sausage at least). It was a blast! We also made home made corndorgs the other day just to see how they were. They turned out delicious!

Today we had another great opportunity to go to the temple:) haha I love it so much. It`s marvelous. I can`t wait to go back into Logan! Speaking of temples did you see the Prove City Temple?!?! It is GORGEOUS. I couldn`t believe it when I saw it. I love it. I love it so much.

Things are well here, I am happy and excited! Thank you for all your support and letters!

Elder Bayler Gunnell

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