Tuesday, April 12, 2016

They Took the Wrong Black Guy!

So we have been meeting with quite a few Haitian people lately. They are incredible. They are so humble and fun and good-hearted. This last Sunday our only Haitian convert, Melsince, brought 5 friends with him! We had been meeting up with two of them but he brought us three more to meet! It was great to see them all walk in. They are so willing to accept the Gospel and they just can´t get enough. Anyways we went to go get David from his house so that we could go to a family home evening last night. He is one of them that we met a couple of weeks ago and will be getting baptized the 23rd of this month. He speaks decent spanish and understandable english so with those languages we can understand each other. So we went to his house to go get him and as we were headed down the street where we take the bus we realize that he doesn´t have his bus card and neither does my comp so we split up real quick. We went to our house and he went to his to get their cards and we only live like two blocks away. We waited for him in the same street where we were before and he just never showed up. One of the other Haitians who lives with him was coming down towards us in a very hurriedly manner and tells us that David was taken by the police and that he was going to the police station right then to see why and to take him out. So we quickly went up to his street and sure enough he was gone and there was quite a commotion with what had happened. We didn´t know what to do at that point and had other people waiting for us at the bus stop to go to the family home evening so we just headed there. Later that night we talked to Melsince and he told us that they were mistaken and took the wrong person and that David was okay. In the end everything was alright but it was definitely something unexpected!! Haha.

We finally got some rain and it is getting a little colder! It´s great!!!

I hope all is well and that you are all enjoying the spring!

Elder Gunnell

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