Monday, January 26, 2015


Well I don´t really know where to start! We had a baptism, a recent convert went to the temple for the first time and did baptisms for his dad and a few others, some of the women got baptized for his sister and mom, transfers came and went and I am still here in Catemu with Elder Bennett!

It was a crazy week for sure! But I feel really good about it. As you can see in the picture I had the opportunity to baptize Adela. It was a very special feeling when she told me that she wanted me to baptize her. I felt honored. And it was something I don´t think I will ever forget. The whole baptismal service was really cool and we felt the Spirit very strongly. Adela´s mom came and one of their neighbors/family friends that Adela invited. Her mom was crying and Adela was a little teary eyed for sure. I don´t know why it all happened the way that it did but I am very glad it went how it went! Just about all of our plans fell through and we were running around during church to remake the plans and just when we thought everything was good they would fall through again and again. But God was watching over and everything went really well. The messages that were said by Elder Bennett and another sister in the ward were marvelous and really to Adela and then the President of the Branch and the Relief Society welcomed her and those were both very supportive! It was a fantastic experience and I am so glad that I didn´t get transferred because now I get to spend another six weeks with her and another family that we are focusing in!

When we went to Adela´s house last night to talk about her baptism and give her a brand new Book of Mormon with our testimonies in it, she was so happy and excited and there was a difference in her! After about 10 minutes the neighbor/family friend happened to come over and told us how she absolutely loved the baptism, that Adela and I looked like angels, and that this Sunday her and her husband(probably not husband because no one here is married, but for lack of better words) are coming to church no matter what! And we have never even talked to her or seen her before but the Spirit that she felt there was something that she says she wants to find again.

We have a goal for Adela to go to the Temple the 7th of February with the Branch so we will see what we can do! The hardest part is after the baptism because it´s when Satan starts attacking but I know she is strong enough to stay faithful in the Church.

I don´t know if I have talked about another family that is absolutely awesome but their names are Nelson(dad), Cecilia(mom), and Patricio(son, 14 years). They aren´t married either so that will be our goal before we put a baptism date on them. But Cecilia and Patricio have come to Church twice so far and have absolutely loved it. Nelson hasn´t come because he works for 14 days then is at home for seven. Patricio is a future missionary if you ask me. Cecilia loves the church and always takes notes and asks questions in class. They have already seen one baptism and say it is super pretty. Patricio is going to start participating in mutual here soon, hopefully, and things are going well! We have been helping them paint house of Cecilia´s mom which has helped us win even more trust.

Yesterday we went to their house because Cecilia has a tumor and is going in for a big operation today. She will be in the hospital until at least Friday. Which means we are going to try to see if we can go visit her on Wednesday when we are in San Felipe. But anyways we went to their house because she asked if we could give her a blessing. We explained what the Priesthood is and how it works and how we have the Priesthood then we gave her the blessing. After the blessing it was just completely silent for a little. The Spirit was very strong again. And we told her that we are here for her and so if she needs anything to just let us know. We told her that we would check up on Patricio while she was gone because Nelson doesn´t get home until Wednesday and that he can call us whenever. She was crying and said thank you tons of times. I am super super excited to see the progress in this family and I really think that they could be a light for the city of Catemu!

I think that´s the majority of what I wanted to tell you all! We just had day FULL of the Holy Ghost yesterday and I have big expectations of what we can accomplish in the next six weeks!!

Elder Gunnell

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