Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We are praying for a baptism!‏

I have a lot to write about this week and I only have an hour to write so I´m going to talk in general and not in so many details!

We have finished all the lessons and teachings with Adela and she is still headed for her baptism this Sunday. A day before our transfers! As long as everything goes well (which I believe it will) I will have my first baptism!! I´m very excited! We are going to the temple with her this Saturday to do a little tour and so she can feel the Spirit that is there on the temple grounds.

I am writing today, and so late, because yesterday we did our zone activity and we went and toured a mine! That was pretty cool I´ve got to admit! Then we also had a bbq there but we were there for longer than we thought (and when you have 20 missionaries obviously everything is going to last longer) so we didn´t have time to use internet! Then as fast as possible we had to get to Santiago because today we had to come to Santiago and get our visas, well to start the paperwork for the visas. That´s what we have been doing all day. It was basically waiting in line all day. So nothing fun there. But it was cool because we got to walk around the heart of Santiago for awhile!

I actually got to do one of the things I love for a member! He had a broke iPhone and I told him awhile ago that I could fix it for him if he wanted. So he bought all the stuff and we went to their house to eat lunch and I fixed he iPhone for him real quick! That was fun to do again, and I haven´t forgotten how to do it yet! Haha and that same lunch I made a whole ton of crepes and we did a little crepe bar thing which was delicious and super fun!

I had splits with Elder Diaz and Elder Vernon and they were both in Los Andes and very hot but a ton of fun! It´s always cool to get to know a different area and see how different missionaries teach. I always learn a lot.

We had a family that finally came to Church and they loved it! They are excited to have us come back and learn more so I´m very happy about that! 

Ohhh!!! Funny story!! I went to make a contact one day and it was just a normal looking man and I was riding my bike so I pulled over to the side of the road and was like, ¨Hey how´s it going? How´s your day?¨ and he just walked right passed me so I decided to turn around and try again like maybe he didn´t hear me or I don´t know? So I caught up to him and said the same thing, ¨How are things? How´s your day going?¨ Yeah whatever things like that and then he started yelling things like, ¨Why am I important to you?! Why do you want to talk to me??¨ and I was just thinking oh this is a perfect opportunity to share what missionaries do and talk about Christ and his love for all of us so I was just about to go deep into that and I said, ¨well...¨ and he started shouting, ¨Go away! Go away! Go away! I am going to punch you!¨ and raised his fist!! He was really gonna do it! So I was just like, ¨well nice to meet you, gotta go! Bye! Have a fantastic day!¨ and I left. So I never thought that something like that would happen in my little city of Catemu but it did!

I don´t know how these transfers are going to go this week! But we will see! I know that the President knows best so I´ve got all my trust in him!

I think that´s all I´ve got for this week! Pray for Adela so she can get baptized!

Elder Gunnell


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