Monday, January 12, 2015

January 6-12, 2015......that's all I got for a title

We are already in week 5 of this change! Two weeks and I might be headed off to a different area! This change with Elder Bennett has gone even faster, now we are just way good friends and we just laugh, joke, and have good time all day. Which has been really helpful when we have a bad day we can usually cheer eachother up! Haha it´s way funny but it is also cool to see our unity when we teach or when we are talking about the needs of our investigators. After lessons one of us will say, ¨wow that was exactly the thing I was going to teach too.¨ so that´s for sure a little testimony builder of listen to the Spirit and teach with unity!

We´ve been having a little bit of heat here and I think I´ve started to miss the thing called AC in a house... But like it´s okay cause we have a fan. It works really well to blow hot air to other parts of room! One day all of our appointments fell through in the morning so we decided that we deserved a watermelon to cheer us up and to fight off some of the heat. So we went and bought a huge watermelon and each ate a half! It was so good! Haha and that was our lunch.

I feel like there have been some big things happening this week and that we are on the verge of more! An old man, named Victor, that was baptized the week before I got here, 4 months ago, told us that he was going to stop going to church and basically just stop being a member because he believed that the church was making him sick. Ever since he was batpized he has had problems with the help and told us that last week when he was in the church he felt really bad but as soon as he left he felt good. We listened a lot to what he was saying because we wanted him to just talk so we could figure out how to help him. We told him how we wanted the best for him and we want to help in any way we can. He got a little teary eyed and said that he wanted the church to be true and that it wasn´t making him sick but it was the only thing he could think of. After more talking and scripture he said that he would come to church this week(yesterday) one more time to see if he felt bad again. Well he came and we had a super spiritual Elder´s Quroum meeting. After the meeting I started walking over to him and he just gave me a big ´ol smile and I asked how he was and he just said he was fantastic, that he felt great! Then to make it even better we are going to the temple on the 24th for a little tour and for the members of our branch so they can do temple work. This will be his first time to see the temple and if everything goes according to plan he will be able to enter and do baptisms for his parents!! He is very excited. We set up an interview for next Sunday for his recommendation and we are going to print off the names this Friday! I am so happy that the Lord answered our prayers and that Victor could feel really good in the church and now is very excited for the temple!

Now some news on the Adela. She is still progressing and we are still headed for her baptism on the 25th! She has come to church seven times now and is making friends which is fantastic! We had the great idea of having a family (that we always eat lunch with) invite Adela to come eat with all of us too! We thought it was a good idea because Adela has two little girls and the mom of the other family, Bethy, has a little boy and girl and both Bethy and Adela are seperated. It was a lot of work on Bethy´s part but she made it happen and Adela absolutely loved it! So we are making some big progress there that I am very pleased with! We showed her the baptism font this week at church too. She doesn´t have any support from her family which kind of scares us because we don´t want her to go inactive, so it is really important that she has a lot of support from the members of the branch. The other problem is her ex-boyfriend... He is very very very disrespectful and knows that Adela will be in the Plaza every Sunday to come to church with us... So every week he comes to talk to her which she doesn´t like and this week he was realllly mean to her and she started crying... Usually we are only in the plaza for like 10-15 minutes because the bus comes that frecuently but this week something happened and we had to wait 50 minutes so the whole time her ex-boyfriend was talking to her and doing all sorts of things... It was bad and we didn´t know what to do and I felt sooo bad. This week I think we are going to tell her that if she wants we can meet her at a different bus stop. I don´t know, we´ll see. It is just super sad and all she wants is to do the right thing and be the best mom for her two girls as she can. 

Oh a quick little thing that touched my heart yesterday. There is a kid name Luis and he is 19 years old. He is a less active member but has been coming for the last 3 or 4 weeks which is awesome! He is having problems with his records in the church like his baptism and stuff. Because he wanted to get his patriachal blessing but couldn´t cause something was wrong. But after like a month of searching he found his orginal record. Now we are just waiting for the Church office in Salt Lake to authorize them so he can get his blessing and work on his papers for his mission! Well anyways after the church we waited for him so we could ride the bus to Catemu together. While we were talking we got talking about how we had to wait 50 minutes for the bus and if he had to do the same and if he was late for that. Then he told us that he walked. He has been WALKING from Catemu to Llay-Llay and back for four weeks to go to church. It´s more than an hour walk one way... I wanted to pay for his ticket but I don´t have money still cause I lost my wallet and Elder Bennett didn´t know if it was allowed or not. We are going to find out and if we can´t help him, we are going to walk with him because that is a long lonely walk. I feel bad for him and what a sacrifice. Today we played basketball with him and he invited some of his friends. They hadn´t ever gotten to know the missionaries or Mormons so it was way fun and I think we had a good first impression because asked us if they could take pictures with us! It was way fun!

The week was great and I´m excited for this upcoming week and what it has to offer! Keep it real back at home and where ever else your found!

Elder Gunnell

P.S. Thank you grandmas and grandpa for the Christmas money(I will use it when I have my card again, probably to buy cooking stuff...)! And Kunane I got you package, thank you so much!! We have been enjoying ourselves! Maybe a little too much! Haha

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