Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father´s Day!!‏

Happy Father´s Day dad!! I´m glad you got to eat some yummy steak and dutch oven potatoes. What I´d do for some dutch oven potatoes... Thanks for being the most wonderful dad out there. Thanks to you I am where I am now. I don´t know how I´ll repay you for that.

So I´m going to start off with what we did last P-day because we wrote early then went and enjoyed our day in Santiago. We met up with Miguel! To go out to lunch and catch up on things. It was a blast to see him again! We went and got some Thai food and man I loved it. It was so tasty. Then went and got some cake and ice cream. We walked around Santiago for a little and Elder Martinez bought a backpack and then we headed home. It was fantastic to be back in my last area! I miss it. I miss all the people and all the huge buildings. But I´m here now so it´s all good. All in all it was probably one of my funnest P-days!! Thank you again Miguel for lunch!

This last week hasn´t been as cold which is nice. In the morning it´s a little chilly and in the night but in the afternoon it gets quite toasty. So no complaints there!

We have been making some serious progress with the ward and we have been gaining their respect little by little. It´s been difficult but a good challenge! There is one member who is elderly and always comes to help us clean the church. Every week actually he goes to clean the entire church, even if he is the only one. He will stay there all day to make sure it´s clean. His name is Custodio Jaque and is a huge example. He also always brings us a little sandwich to eat after we are finished cleaning up. We decided we would do something little for him and for a couple other members that have helped us so we went and got the church keys(we still don´t have a working oven) and made some banana bread! When we took it over to him he got all teary-eyed because we had done something for him and it made him feel really good. I understand why he feels a little bummed sometimes because he has been cleaning the church for who knows how many years but no one ever really notices that it´s clean and no one ever says thank you. It´s the people like him that really deserve something special.

We found a new investigator finally!! She is a sweetheart and has a very sad and long story but is still here and pushing a long. She has four kids ranging from 15 to 30ish. She is almost blind and because of that she has a lot of faith. Our lessons that we have had with her are full of the spirit so we are hoping and praying that she can progress. She has a lot of potential! 

Chile is hosting La Copa America so when they play we have to stay in our house because it gets a little crazy outside. There last game they won 5-0 and man the people were going crazy! We knew the score because they shoot off all sorts of fireworks and gun shots and everyone screams and yells and honk their horns so it is easy to tell when they are winning or losing haha but we have been taking advantage of the time we´ve had in the house to clean the poor thing. It´s still a mess but getting better!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Gunnell

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