Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet the Mormons!! and back to baking!‏

Alrighty so the biggest news I´ve got from this week is our Meet the Mormons activity that we did friday! It was a SUCCESS!! It went better than I thought it would! No it wasn´t perfect but it was still wonderful. Thursday evening we went to a less actives house to make the desserts because she makes pastries and other sweet things and has a really big oven and we still don´t have one... Lame. Anyways we went to her house and haha oh man it was so fun! All we did was laugh and make jokes with her and her son (her son is very active and such a good kid, love ´em) we made the desserts a lot fast than if I would have done it alone which was really nice and we didn´t have to waste so much time cooking. We were we kind of ending everything I realized that I still had a ton of cornstarch left and so I didn´t think that they would know of that wierd goo that you can make with water and cornstarch that is like a liquid and a solid at the same time so I made a bowl of that and that got a pretty good kick out of it! They thought I was the weirdest person in the world though and now they call me Elder Crazy (they say it in english but with a funny latin accent which just makes it funnier). 

Then friday we took all the cupcakes to the church early to decorate them and set-up the activity and everything. We were just finishing when everyone started showing up! Actually quite a few people came early to help us get it all ready. Then we started! It was so fun! We didn´t really have time to sit down and watch the movie which was fine with me but I think the majority of the other people there were able to enjoy it! There were some little kids and man were they going crazy, Meet the Mormons isn´t such a friendly movie by the way, and it was so funny! I loved it! I love those little kids. So there were a couple moms that were more worried about their children than the movie but it´s all good. We got pretty decent feedback about the food and the activity in general. I think we gained quite a bit of trust from the ward and from the leaders which is exactly what we needed! I think with that we can start progressing. Oh! About 70-80 people came which was a surprise! All the leaders told us only like 40 or 50 would come but we got almost 80! Hard work pays off. It was soo fun!!

This week we also made eggnog one night when it was really cold and listened to Christmas music! It feels more like Christmas now than it did in December. But it´s still pretty warm in the afternoons, we´ll see how it is in the middle of July though!

Because I finished the Book of Mormon I have been giving the majority of my study time to the Bible well more specifically the New Testament, it has been really rewarding so far! I don´t read it terribly fast but I love reading, for myself, the things that the prophets and the apostles always talk about. I like seeing where they get their material from. It´s amazing to me too that they know the Bible and the Book of Mormon so well! I feel like to ever know a quarter of what they know I have a long way to go. I also realized the importance that the Joseph Smith translations have and much clearer they make the Bible! I will share more as I read it more and more!

Have a wonderful and hot week!

Elder Gunnell

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