Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 4th of July (for all you gringos out there)!!‏

I will admit I am legitimately sad about not being able to celebrate the 4th... I love the 4th!! So you all better be grateful and have a wonderful time for me! I won´t be celebrating that wonderful holiday for TWO more years. What a bummer.

Anyways this week was a good week! Although I did come down with a decent cold on Friday and it is still bugging me but I´m suffering through it. Actually I even gave a talk on Sunday! I had to save my voice all Saturday for it cause I was feeling pretty bad and then after church I didn´t really have a voice haha. It´s kinda funny because when someone gets sick every person that we visit has a different reason for why I got sick and how I can fix it. They say I got sick cause there is a lot of smoke in the air, because I don´t wear a scarf sometimes, because I went from our house that was warm to outside where there was a drastic temperature change, I don´t know for all sorts of things they say I got sick. But I still like to try all there advice. Someone told me that taking something called Pectoral would help. It´s like a natural tea. It didn´t impress me too much because it looked like someone went into the forest and grabbed some leafs, twigs, bushes, and flowers and stuck them all in a bag. I was a little doubtful but I put some honey with it like the told me and wow it was quite tasty! No I didn´t instantly get better but it did help with the throat. I think I´m going to make a business by collecting all that stuff and selling it. 

Saturday we were leaving our house and we ran into the first counselor in our ward and he was like, ¨Hey! You know what? We need someone to talk tomorrow, can you give a talk tomorrow?¨ I said, ¨Of course!¨ (just like that) and he asked if I could talk about the scriptures and the importance of them. It was a fitting talk because I finished the Book of Mormon just a month ago and our mission is going to start reading it again on the first of July so it was a good time for me to reflect and wow I noticed such a difference in my attitude and love towards the scriptures. I absolutely love the hour that we have to personally study every morning. I have felt such a difference because I feel the Spirit with me so much more.

We´ve been working a little bit on the house this week, or better said, today. I feel like my mom and all the projects she is doing. We are also trying to refurbish our house because it is a good house but over the years the missionaries have destroyed it. Today we took everything out of our study room and puttied and painted the walls. They look sooo much better (pictures attached). We still have a ton to do but I hope and think I´ll be here for a little which is fine with me!

We are slowly making progress here but nothing especially exciting has happened in the work this week although a new investigator has a baptism date for the 26th so be praying for her! Her name is Janett and is a little blind but such a sweet woman.

Have a fantastic week and an even better 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

  So here is my attempt to make toffee. They didn´t ever get hard so that was a bummer. Didn´t really taste all that good either. I´ve lost my magic touch.
  I also went to clean behind the stove and fridge. The picture doesn´t capture how gross it was. #ilovemessymissionaries
 another from the kitchen, gross
 This is the natural tea stuff, as you can see, just random stuff from the forest I´m pretty sure.

 after,We´ve got to clean the floor still but the walls look so much better.

Selfies with the new sweaters!! You definitely don´t need to put these on the blog! (But I'm the mom, so I did it anyways)

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