Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July and Chile won La Copa America!‏

So the biggest thing that happened this week was definitely La Copa America and man was that a new experience! I´ve never ever heard a whole country go up in shouts like that before! So we had to be in the house during the game and then afterwards we were suppose to see how our area was because in some areas are safer than others and we might be able to leave. So during that time that we were in the house we cleaned the house so it was nice and pretty which was good. It´s no longer a disaster. When Chile went into penalties we definitely noticed and when they won oh my goodness it was amazing how excited the people got. There is a little park in front of our house and they started throwing like smoke bombs and so then the whole park was filled with smoke and you couldn´t see anything! Then out of the blue we saw this guy using a fire extingiusher (I have no idea how to spell that) and just spraying it everywhere. There were all sorts of fireworks and people honking their horns and I don´t know what else but it was like the whole country erupted in shouts and screams. It was actually pretty cool and I´m sure they feel pretty proud. Everyone was very happy on Sunday. So in our own little way we had our own little celebration of the 4th of July because everyone was dressed in red, white and blue and they were shooting off fireworks. We even had 4th of July glow sticks! It was more than I was expecting! Haha

Janette, the investigator that we have been teaching for two weeks didn´t make it to church this week even though we went to her house with a member to pick her up. It was a bummer. If she doesn´t come this Sunday she will lose her baptismal date and we will have to set a new one for her. We actually found a new investigator last night! He is from Haiti. We contacted him like a month or two ago and everytime we go by his house he is never there but finally we found him! He is great. He is so humble and funny and is also learning spanish. It was a really good lesson and I´m excited to see what progress we can make happen with him!

We haven´t gotten rain basically all year. Actually before yesterday I think I have only seen rain two times since being in the field. The area presidency asked all the members to fast for rain this last fast Sunday which we did and we recieved rain! I don´t think it is enough and we still need more but it´s incredible because God does exist, he does hear our cries for help and his willing to help us in our times of need and in all times we just need to put our trust in him and do his will.

Thank you for all the letters that you sent me this last week. I feel so informed, it´s as if I were there! The letters were very detailed and I loved the pictures! 

Have another wonderful week of summer!

Elder Gunnell
 Here is the little park with the smoke bombs. I took the picture just seconds after the guy with the fire extinguisher had dissapeared into the smoke.
 I don´t really know what this is... A 4th of July selfie I think
 Even more fun with glowsticks... Goodnight we must have been bored.
Fun with glow sticks and a camera. Elder Martinez has magic!

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