Monday, July 20, 2015

The power of Priesthood, an instrument in God´s hands and a miracle.‏

So this week I´d like to share an experience that we had on Saturday and Sunday. We went to the house of the Berrios family on Saturday to eat. Before talking to Sister Berrios we had a little time to talk to Brother Berrios and he was telling us how she hasn´t been doing to well with her health and how the problems are just adding up and up. Then he started telling us how in the early morning on Saturday she started to get a lot of pain in her back that just kept getting worse and it turned into a lumbago (I think this is a word in english too but there is probably another word for it) which is just like a lot of pain in the lumbar and it hurts to walk and things like that. Nonetheless she made us lunch and still wanted us to come over! So we went. Towards the end of lunch she asked if we could give her a blessing. Brother Berrios had mentioned that she wanted one beforehand so I was thinking about the blessing quite a bit during lunch and I felt very calm about it. Anyways she asked for a blessing and we gave her it. There was a very strong feeling of peace afterwards. She said thanks and told us that she would try to make it to church the next day but wasn´t sure about it because of the pain. Then we left to continue on with our day. 

On Sunday we got to church and so did she! They got there right before the meeting so we didn´t have time to talk but she looked quite happy and without a lot of pain. Right after sacrament meeting she hurried over to us and said, ¨Thank you so much elders for being worthy and giving me a blessing yesterday. Before the day even ended all my pain and the lumbago was gone. I was able to sleep wonderfully and make it here without any problems! I know that with your worthiness, faith and the will of the Lord all things are possible through the Priesthood.¨ 

It was a testimony builder for me. It was incredible to see that miracles do exist and that God calls on normal everyday people to bring to pass his works and miracles. I think knowing that one is an instrument in his hands is the best feeling someone can have. Everyday I hope we look for opportunities to follow the little promptings and be a blessing in other´s lives.

Have a good week! A good luck shout out to Court in your farewell! You´ll do fantastic.

Elder Gunnell

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