Monday, July 27, 2015

A Busy Week

We were all over the place this week, I felt like we were basically running errands but we got a lot of things done but it didn´t leave a ton of time for teaching which was definitely a bummer. This week will be better for sure. 

Last night we did a little family home evening with a family of members. We help the sister out because she lives alone with her three children and they are wonderful. Anyways she had a surgery about two weeks ago and can´t walk so every Friday we take her in her wheelchair to the flea market so that she can by the fruit and vegetables and things she needs. We told her that we had made apple pie a little bit ago and said, ¨Why didn´t you make one for me?!¨ So we decided to plan a day and go make it for them. We ended up make the biggest apple pie I´ve ever seen and doughnuts! We shared about how they as members can participate in mission work and it was honestly a really good night!

We have been planning an activity for the 16th of August and we want it to turn out really well. It is going to be centered on family history, temples, why we have temples, and how family history goes together. The mission president and his wife are even going to come speak for 20 minutes! Then we are going to help the people in starting the familysearch accounts and a couple other things. We are also going to ask a few members to make some sort of treat that has been a tradition in their families for a long time. I am pretty excited! And I think it is going to go well!

Yesterday was our ward conference and wow was the spirit present! It was such a good meeting! We also sang in the choir. Since my companion is an incredible singer I was kinda roped into it... Yay. There were three guys and four girls but I guess it sounded good from what everyone said. We could only practice twice during the week though. A couple of people were crying afterwards so maybe we sang really bad or brought the Spirit. Hopefully the latter!

One of the things that was said in the conference was this: it is important that we understand each commandment. If we don´t understand a commandment and the BLESSINGS that come from obeying that specific commandment, we won´t be able to receive ALL the blessings that are offered. Another thing that was said is that the people who break a commandment don´t understand the blessings that they are missing out on and how the blessing are far greater than what we receive for not obeying, how great the price may be.

Something else I liked is that we we participate in the sacrament worthily there are five things that we can feel or can happen.
1. We will feel grateful for Christ and his sacrifice. We will begin to understand it just a tiny bit more every time.
2. We can remember baptismal covenants that we made with God. Such as being a witness of Christ in all times and all places.
3. We will feel forgiveness.
4. Receive revelation. To be more apt at hearing and having the disposition to follow that revelation.
5. We will be filled with the Spirit and the weight bearing us down will be lighter in all aspects.

So that to me was something that called my attention and it helped me understand the BLESSINGS that come from participating in that sacred ordinance and keeping that commandment. They are big promises. 

Here is a little quote that isn´t from conference but one I like a lot ¨If I don´t repent today, I will lose the blessings tomorrow¨ it´s so true and I hope everyday we try to be better and that we come to know our purpose in this life and the things that really do matter.

Have a great week! 

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

P.S. A little heads up, starting next week we only have an hour to write our families so if even less people receive emails it´s not because I don´t like you! Haha it´s because I´m cut short on time.

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