Monday, August 3, 2015

Dogs, service, temple, flea market

So a really quick letter to wrap up this week! 

On tuesday we couldn´t leave in the morning because our neighbors two HUGE dogs got out and they are not very nice dogs and wanted to eat us so we couldn´t really leave until they got put back in their yard. Haha! That had never happened to me before!

We did a lot of service this week! That including a lot of painting as well. We also decided to paint our own house because it was really ugly! We picked out an olive green color for the walls, a beige for the trim, and a nice brown for the cabinets. When they dried we ended up with a teal blue, a bright yellow and a nice brown! Yay haha at least we won´t be living here forever. (picture will come when I take one so you can see that i´m not lying)  

This is the green they told us we were buying......
Blue walls and yellow trim! Hooray!

 I`m thinking about asking for a new bed... No wonder I haven`t been sleeping well! Haha

We had a very successful trip to the temple! It is such a powerful place and I love taking investigators there.

Trip to the temple! We invited the two families of the girls but on Friday night (we went Saturday) things came up and weren´t able to go. The elderly lady was also going to bring her family but they had to go work in the flea market so we ended up just going with these three and us. It was actually a very good little tour! It was beautiful with all the newly planted flowers. I love to see the temple.

We are still setting up a stand in the flea market with a sign that says everything is free! My comp wanted to make our sign better and center it around the family, Christ and our activity and it turned out really really good! 
Next week I´ll have something a little better for the letter! Thank you for your support and prayers. Miss you all and I pray daily for you.

Elder Gunnell

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