Monday, August 24, 2015

Transfers, stake conference, a new calling

So transfers were today! I feel like I was just writing this same thing a couple weeks ago but six weeks have already gone on by. By the end of this transfer we will already be in October. My family will be heading off to Hawaii, Addason will be turning 15 (holy cow she can get her permit... Maybe wait on that one for a little bit mom and dad.) and I will have celebrated my last birthday here. How time flies. We didn´t have any transfers! I´m still in the ward Gambino with Elder Martinez (from San Diego, California) we have another six weeks here! In this transfer I am certain we will have at least one baptisms here.

We had stake conference this weekend and once again it was wonderful! One of the seventy, Elder Urra, spoke to us in the adult and general session and he spoke very well. We sang in the choir which went alright I think! I´m still not an amazing singer but I think I have made a little bit of progress.... I didn´t feel especially inclined to share anything from the conference so I´ll just leave it at that! Haha

As for a new calling I am now a district leader which I guess is good? All of my companions have been district leader so I have a pretty good idea about what to do. The thing I´m not too pumped about is that I have to teach my district every week which in reality isn´t too bad since that´s the life of a missionary, teaching! Sometimes I just don´t know what to teach to missionaries that have been here for longer than I have. I guess I have to realize that I have been here for awhile though. I always think that I´ve been here for like six or seven months but it has already been more than a year! I´ll have to be starting college a year from now... Gross. Haha

We have been recieving good comments about the activity including two families have called and set up appointments to talk to the bishop to be able to fix a couple things and be able to be worthy to recieve a temple recomend to be able to participate in family history!!! Woooohooo!! I was pretty excited when I heard about that. That really was the whole goal, help people get excited about it.

Oh!! Last night we had a family home evening with a family... Well actually it fell through. I even made brownies. But we had extra brownies and we didn´t know what to do so we went and visited a less active family to share brownies with them. It turned out to be one of the best lessons that I´ve had in the mission. They have been inactive for eight or nine years and we have been visiting them for awhile but they haven´t shown much enthusiasm about going to church or anything like that but last night they basically taught themselves and convinced themselves to come to church so that he can baptize their daughter. We decided to do it in a family home evening way. We are going to do family home evenings BUT we gave the little pamphlet of the Restoration to the dad and HE is in charge of teaching us and his family. The next family home evening will be taught by the mom and so on and so forth. We also are going to go do service for them this Saturday!! It´s gonna be good!

That was the week! There are still people to find that need the light of the members of the church in a world that every day gets ever darker. We have the chance to be able to find them! 

Elder Gunnell

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