Monday, August 17, 2015

A Bunch of Thanks

Just a quick thank you to all those who have written (wrote? wrotten? I don´t remember. Lo siento.) me. I feel so much love and support from you all and I need to express my thanks. Especially to my family. I think and pray about you all everyday and ask that God protects you. Thank you for your prayers!

This last week has been full of planning, as will this next week, for our Family History activity that we have planned for this Sunday the 16th! We are excited and really hoping that it goes well and that those who come feel the spirit and the spirit of Elijah. In the Liahona last month (July) there was an article by Kent F. Richards and this is a little quote from it, ¨At a recent temple open house, an Apostle gathered his family around the holy altar in a sealing room. He taught them that everything we do in the Church—classes, activities, programs, and meetings—prepares us to come to the temple altar to receive the sealing ordinance. The temple represents the very essence of your Heavenly Father’s plan for your eternal happiness and progression.¨ So that little quote is basically the idea that we have and want to get across to the people that come. Everything we do in the church is to some day to be in that place and after we´ve done it for ourselves we have to start doing it for the rest of our family that never had the opportunity to do it for themselves.

We´ve been visiting a man from Haiti. He is so humble, positive, kind, loving, and everything else. He has a personality that I love. He hasn´t been coming to church or really progressing yet but we are hoping we can help him take those steps. He is very inteligent and has good questions. Everytime we go by we all leave better than we were when we came.

We are still working with a family but the two times that we have talked to them about coming to Church the morning of or the night of they haven´t come... It might be due to the fact that she is a single mom with three kids but we will be persistent because this Gospel is what her family needs and I´m sure of it.

I also recomend that everyone reads this article online that was written by E. Jeffrey Hill, ¨Five Ways to Celebrate the Sabbath as a Family¨ Haha I did a lot of reading (kinda) this last week and I just love the articles that prophets and other servants of the Lord write for our benefit. God really does want to bless us! We just need to do things right and we can recieve those blessings!

Have a fantastic week! 

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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