Monday, August 17, 2015


The activity that we had been planning for like a month and a half finally happened!! I would go to say that it was a huge success. No, it didn´t go perfectly which isn´t a shocker. After being Exec we got to learn things don´t usually go exactly how we planned them but you just have to enjoy it anyways! And I think that was how this activity went. I will be sending a lot of photos that will be on my blog. 

President Videla and his wife were both able to come and give us a little presentation on the importance of temple work and how temple work and Family History work together. It was fantastic. They are such good teachers and speakers. We had a little capacitation on how to use which went a little long which left us with too little time to do an activity we had planned but it´s okay! We had a couple laptops there and ready so that those who didn´t have an account could make one and get to know familyseach a little bit. We had asked a couple people to write out experiences with family history and bring pictures of their ancestors. We even asked people to bring some treats that have been traditions in their families for a long time! It was great. 

All the leaders in the ward were very pleased which made me feel good and I felt like everyone left feeling uplifted! It was a good experience for all of us.

That´s it for now! Til next week!

Elder Gunnell
Something my companion made

 Mission president and his wife

 The Bishop and his wife are really neat people

Some snow.  Oh how I miss the snow. 

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