Monday, July 13, 2015

Six more weeks in Gambino!‏

Transfers were today and we have six more weeks here! I`m glad I didn´t get transferred because I really think that we can see some progress in this sector this transfer! Me an my companion are getting along well and I think we have a bright future ahead!

We got more rain!! It was the first real time that I ha to work in the rain. But I loved it. There was quite the windstorm during the night which kept us awake for a little bit because there is a tree right next to our house and it sounded like it was trying to break in the the house cause it it was hitting it so hard but nothing really happened. Some peoples roofs flew off and so everyone was fixing them the nxt day. It also blew down a tree on our street but in the end it was good to get all the rain.

So the picture (below) of the family with the apple pie is an elderly couple that we helped activate. Jorge was a part of the bishropric before and I´m not sure how or why they went inactive but they had been inactive for EIGHT years. I honestly think it was an incredible story of people who God had prepared to be able to understand and have the desire to return. They are absolutely wonderful people and I have no doubt they will stay firm in the Gospel. They also have the most adorable little grandaughters! So it is always a blast to be with them. Jorge gave a talk yesterday in church and bore his testimony last week about missionaries and how true the gospel is. Both times he got a little teary-eyed. Leonarda is having all sorts of spiritual experiences with family history and is getting really excited to work in that! All is going very well with them. They invited us over for dinner one day and wanted to make pizza so we made pizza and, as always, I wanted to provide dessert! They gave us like ten apples a couple days before so I thought hey we´ll make apple pie! And the best part is that the dough makes two pies which was perfect because it was the same day as the birthday of our quorom elders president! We had a wonderful dinner then headed off to deliver the pie to his birthday party and they also invited us in to eat with them! Haha to say the least we were stuffed.

As I´ve mentioned I started el Libro de Mormón again. We have five months to read it from cover to cover, it´s two chapters a day. I really liked a little picture and quote that my mom sent me:
""I once heard that if we could see the evil spirits that are around us trying to get us to fall for Satan's snares, we would never want to be disobedient to the commandments. My heart has been extremely heavy for family and friends that are questioning their testimonies or who have left the church. If you could imagine this circle of angels surrounding you, fighting for you and with you. They are the barrier between me and evil. They have my back. Those of you struggling, and questioning... "Cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things". Keep fighting. Don't give up or give in to the father of all lies. He wants nothing more than to destroy you and your family. If nothing else think of your family, fight for your family."

I feel that it is so very true. I have felt such a difference in my life from being able to read the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon every day. It has an incredible power to change the way we think and understand things. It has given me a completely different perspective about this life and our true purpose and potential here and in the future. If there is anything in this gospel that will help a person be converted to Christ the Book of Mormon truly is the key. I understand that is a just a book BUT it was prepared by God for us and WHEN we understand it and let it become a part of our lives, Christ will also become a part of our lives. We will see more light and more positive things daily. We will start to develop Christ-like attributes and strive to follow his example more and more. If there is anyone that needs help, guidance, or just a little boost in life I invite you to really truly look for help in the Book of Mormon. I promise that comfort and peace is found in it. 

I hope that you all are taking advantage of these few summer months! Time is only going by faster and faster! Have a fantastic week!

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

 Here`s some art found right outside of the Bellas Artes subway station. I finally had my camera when we passed it this time

 We made pancakes but instead of putting syrup on them we made a sandwhich! It was inspired by a place called Buffalo Waffles.
Selfie..... Where`s the waterbottle? It looks like it`s time for a haircut

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