Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference!! Transfers!!‏

 Last time I´ll see this water bottle (gave it away... You know how much I loved that water bottle)
Two of my favorite Elders in my last zone!
  The house after we finished painting it!

 The sister that lives in the house in front of us
  New companion

So I can´t express how wonderful conference was. I loved it. I missed the majority of the last session because we brought a family of investigators with us and she has three kids. Two of which are little boys. Ages 10 and 4. I took responsibility over them for the session so that she would be able to focus on the apostles and their words and feel the spirit. We stuck her with her daughter on the far edge of the bench, Elder Martinez in the middle and me right between the two boys! Haha wow did it remind me of the good ´ol times with the family and all the little munchkins. The good news is that we were able to do it! With enough games, coloring pages, treats, and other distractions us three had a good two hours! And they were quiet!! Their mom was able to enjoy conference and got a lot out of it! I love that family and hope that the continue meeting with the missionaries so that some day they can make it to their baptism.

I was so sad to leave that family and that ward but it is time to start something new! I won´t ever forget those amazing people but they will always be in my prayers. Now it is time to get to know and love the people of this new ward, Simón Bolivar! I am so pumped to be here! I am actually returning to a zone that I was already in! The zone and stake Huelen! The same stake as Miguel! Haha and I am with MY FIRST LATIN COMPANION!! Elder Bof from Argentina! Man I´m stoked to be with someone whose native language is spanish. It will be wonderful! This sector seems like it is going to be amazing and I am so excited to get started here! I am terribly lost and have no idea what is going on or who we are visiting but I already love it:) Elder Bof has been in the mission for 3 months and started his mission here so he knows the people and the area. It is the first time that I have been with someone who already knows the area! We won´t be wandering around for a couple weeks trying to get our bearings!

We already saw a blessing today! Someone ran up to us and asked if we were mormons we told them that we were and he wants us to visit him this week! He just got here from Colombia and wants to talk with us about God and families! Yeehaww we are already starting off good! Also Elder Bof tells me that we are going to have some baptisms this Sunday soooooo it should be good here:)

I am excited, happy at peace, a little lost but glad to be hear.

Shout out to the fam, have a good trip in Hawaii! Don´t enjoy yourselves too much!
Love you all.

´til next time,
Elder Gunnell

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