Monday, October 19, 2015

Simón Bolivar and TWO baptisms!!!!!!!!‏

I can honestly say we started this transfer with flying colors. I don`t know how we did but man we had an awesome week. We taught and taught and contacted and taught and contacted. And we were able to end it with two baptisms! TWO! Thanks to Elder Bof and Elder Terry who were working so hard in this area before I got here.

 I am soo extremely tired. I´ve never been so tired before in my mission but I feel like we don`t ever have time to rest. It was one heck of a week to say the least. 

We are working with a young couple that have two little girls. The wife will be baptized this upcoming Sunday or the next for sure. Without doubt. We are working with the husband because he knows it is right and good and supports his wife 100 percent in her baptism but he is just lacking a firm answer. I think if he doesn`t get baptized with her he will get baptized soon after. 

Funny story! Last night after finishing up everything we decided to make some food but we burnt it (small fire on the stove... haha) so we opened up all the windows and the door and went outside (I now live on the 10th floor of an apartment building) to get some fresh air. We both had the grand idea of walking over to the railing to watch all the little kids playing soccer below. As we walked away from the open door it slammed shut from the wind..... We then realized how dumb we were because neither one of us had the keys and we weren`t really dressed well. Like we had our white shirts on but without ties and we just had our sandals on and it was chilly out! But lucky we got into the house about two hours later. No big deal. Also something funny, we lost the keys today:) haha so good work Elder Bof and Elder Gunnell! I think it is funny but I don`t think my comp thinks it is as funny. But oh well it already happened, what are we gonna do now? We think we just left the keys at the stake center which is like 20-30 minutes away so we just need to go back with someone who has the keys!

I´m excited for what other things we are going to see in this sector! It has been awesome with a latin comp, I love it.

Over and out,
Elder Gunnell

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