Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3! Three!!‏

Here we are... Three letters left and counting. Every day I believe it less and less! I felt like last weeks letter was a real good one which means this one can be a little less entertaining right? Haha

Juana was confirmed this week! And the mom of the family that was reactivated last week was called as a primary teacher this week!! So we are very very happy about that miraculous progress. The ward were I am now is just blooming like a flower in spring time. Every week just keeps getting better and better! I love being here. It will be a heart wrencher to leave:/ but the joy over weighs the sadness! Haha I just hope that everything keeps progressing like it is! Especially here in the zone. The missionaries that are here right now are THE BEST, they are top-notch and I love ´em to death. They are such great, good people and will all do amazing things in their lives I`m sure. 

We are working with another Haitian, Faustin. He actually has been coming to church for months now and we attempted to teach him but it never really worked out so we stopped trying as much then after some time he called us and just said that we need to meet up so that we can teach him so that he can be baptized like his cousin Wesly (the one that got baptized last month) so that way he is ready when Christ comes! He said he doesn`t want to die and go see God and have God tell him that Wesly, Mersence (another Haitian friend), Elder Catlett and Elder Gunnell are going to heaven but that he can`t. Haha he is really funny about it but in the end has all the desire in the world to be baptized now! He has a date for the 24th of this month! We are just as excited as him and hope that all goes well so that it can happen in this time frame!

This week I pulled a prank and had a prank pulled on me so that was just karma and absolutely hilarious! I sent my mom some pics so they should be up on the blog! Someone filled my waterbottle up with dog food and salt!! It was gross but soo funny. Loved it! Luckily I noticed something was weird and didn`t drink out of it!

Today we had our zone activity! We were able to reserve some spots in a session in the temple for this morning so we all went as a zone which was great as you can imagine! Then we got permission from our President to go out to eat as a zone WITH our dear sister missionaries which was a HUGE shocker because that is not allowed at all in our mission but he came to our district class last week and gave us the okay! So we went to a realllllly pretty italian restaurant that we all loved! It was a success to say the least!:)

That`ll be all for now folks! See you in 20 days!!! Haha

Your very happy,
Elder Gunnell

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