Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Cooooooold!!!

 Last pic I took from Santiago
 Fire hazard? Probably not.
This is what happens when you give missionaries a house... They don´t clean. I took all this just off the stairs. It was gross. Yes mom, I got all the stuff under the stairs too! I went crazy cleaning! It was even prettier in person!   I made a resolve to never complain about doing chores again. Mom I´m sorry I ever complained.
This our zone, really small compared to the other ones I have been in!
It´s not that it is colder here than Utah, because it´s not! It´s that our house is the same temperature inside as the temperature is outside! That´s our problem. This morning it was soo cold! I was wearing a pair of shorts and sweatpants with some wool socks on my bottom half and up top I had a t-shirt, thick sweatshirt, and my fleece jacket! But now the temp isn´t too bad outside. The house just kinda stays cold always... And we are just starting winter! Should be an adventure!

This week was a little bit of a bummer, or I guess it was just a little slower than what I was hoping. This Thursday was a holiday which means everyone headed somewhere because they just took Friday off too so then it was just a super long weekend for them! Also in this area there is something called La Persa. Which is basically where they close off a street every Saturday and Sunday and there are just a million little shops they all set up. It´s like that place we went In Hawaii in the parking lot of the Hawaii stadium and they were just selling all sorts of stuff. Well that´s the same thing they do here! Every single weekend!! So EVERYONE goes there to buy things or to sell. It´s also hard because there are some investigators that sell there and they say they can´t keep the sabbath day because if they don´t sell on Sunday they won´t have enough money. That is going to be a challenge here for sure.

I was able to go to the temple!!! Every year we as missionaries get to go do a session and I got to go Friday!! It was the first time that I did a session in Spanish, I didn´t think I was gonna understand anything but to my surprise it wasn´t too bad at all! It was such a wonderful time. I made a promise to never let so much time pass without going to the temple again.

I´m really sorry but this is all I´m going to write because this keyboard is a pain and takes me forever to write! Have a wonderful week! I´ll try to be a little bit more informative next week! Haha:)

Elder Gunnell

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