Monday, May 4, 2015

The Week Before Mother's Day

Alrighty so it´s been an interesting week! But to start off with the best news that I´ve heard in awhile, Adela went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time!! I was so excited when I heard that! I was told that she loved it and that she is going to try to go more constantly from now on. She also sent me the sweetest letter that I got in our last district class (we have like a mail system kind a deal in the mission so that we can send letters to converts or families and what not). I was so excited when I got it! It was honestly so nice. So that was the best thing that happened this week I´d say!

This week was slow. Really really slow. Friday was a vacation day and nobody went to work or was in the streets. I thought that it would be a super slow day for us but it turned out to be the best day that we had this week! We had a new high in lessons! We had 11 lessons in just one day! And that has never happened in this area for us. But other than Friday we had some really bad luck.

Saturday we had four appointments and they all fell through. Yipppeee! Haha but we had our stake conference this weekend so Saturday night we were able to go to the adult session and it was sooo good!! Both adult sessions of Stake Conference that I´ve been to have been so spiritual and strong! It was really good because we were able to bring one of our investigators, Oscar, with us! The members have helped us so much with him and are always calling him and inviting him to do things and come to church and everything, if it wasn´t for the members I think we would have lost him by now. I believe that he will join the Church but I don´t know when yet. He had a baptism date in March but it´s okay, I have faith he will take the step!

Then Sunday we had the general session which also was wonderful! Thanks to Miguel being in the US we didn´t have lunch (Because we were supposed to eat with him) but since he is such a pal he asked a friend, Sebastian and his wife, to make us lunch. We had a very good time with them and laughed a lot which was nice since the week was so slow and I hadn´t really been in the laughing mood, but they brightened the day quite a bit! It was a needed break! Later we had eight appointments and I was really thinking that we were going to end the week strong but it didn´t turn out how I wasn´t hoping. Only one of the eight appointments actually worked out... Huge bummer.

Anways it´s okay that we had a slow week! Now I want to work harder to be able to have a better week this week! Hopefully we can get a lot done because in the following week we have a lot of stuff going on so it will be a little bit more difficult!

Happy birthday shout out to Grandma Debbie! I hope it is wonderful! And I hope that all the mother´s out there have a fantastic mother´s day, especially my dear Momma Gunnell.

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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