Monday, April 27, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like fall

To say the least, we have had a lot of changes in the mission this week. How things are going to be done, how district classes will be taught, how our studies will be and other things along those lines. One of the bigger changes is that we now have 11 zones. We had five and now we have 11. So all the zones got smaller and so did the districts. In our zone just about all the new district leaders have never been a district leader before! And going with that, Elder Richards got called to be a district leader! So now I am companions with another leader haha

He had a leadership meeting on Wednesday so I had splits with Elder Terry, from Springville Utah, and we went to his sector. We just spent part of the day there but it was fun!

Oh! I bought some turf shoes and a ball so that in the morning I can juggle and practice a little bit so I don´t lose everything. We go run to a park that is super open and has a big parking lot in the center and lots of grass around it so I can juggle and do a couple little drills while Elder Richards does sprints and things like that cause he likes to run! So I´ve been digging that, although I´m frustrated that I´ve already lost my touch so much. I can´t even keep the ball in the air for five minutes without it falling at least once, so I need some help there. 

Friday we actually had a super good day! We were just about able to get a lesson everywhere we went! In total we had nine lessons! It was a surprise and a tender mercy from the Lord I´m certain. Then Saturday and Sunday were equally as good!

Sunday was a big day too! After church we had ward council and the sister missionaries from our ward had two baptisms. Oh, side note, a new sister named Sister Palmer got here this last week from Rexburg Idaho. She already talks better than I did when I left the MTC and she has a latina companion so she will learn very fast! Anyways they had two baptisms so we stayed for those and then after we didn´t have time to eat lunch cause we had too many appointments. We went to a young couple with a little baby boy (they are married!!) that we met last week. We taught them the Plan of Salvation, it seemed to make perfect sense to them and they showed their desire to get baptized so we planned a baptismal date with them! The 7th of June. It´s a little ways off but I´ll take it. I´m really excited to work with this family!

After all of our lessons we were tired and hungry because we still hadn´t eaten or taken a break so we called Miguel and asked if we could visit him and make pancakes at his place. He said okay so we went over there and made some tasty pancakes and homemade syrup with him and two friends, Fabian and Sebastian. As I was cooking I managed to break a glass jar full of powdered sugar and a different glass mug. Sorry Miguel. All in all a very good week!! Really slow at the beggining but sped up at the end.

Oh! Also Elder Richards gave a very good talk on Sunday!

Today we were in the Plaza de Armas and there were a couple people singing in the pavilion so we went to check it out and as were listening a couple of guys came up to us and started asking us where we were from and things like that because one of them was from Utah and another from Idaho. They said they were here for a wrestling tournament and everything. And I was like what in the world are a couple of guys doing here in Chile for a wrestling tournament and how did they get invovled in that? Turns out it was the US wrestling team... That´s how they got involved in wrestling tournaments in other countries! Haha so that was pretty cool to talk to them. One served in Alabama but spanish speaking so he said he has kind of been able to guide them around haha

I hope you had as good of a week as me! Til next time!

Elder Gunnell

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